Merrimack Tea Party

Tea Parties continue to spread across the country, the newest one in Merrimack, NH.  The website "The Merrimack Watch" was recently launched as a local effort to combat over spending.  You can view the website in full HERE.

Here is their message:

This site is dedicated solely to those who are tired of our government wasting our tax dollars.  Yes, our property taxes are way too high.  Lowering them is not an issue.  Fraud, waste, abuse and ego are the culprit.  Maybe we need a moratorium on hiring, promotions, pay increases, and construction for the next five years.  More part time policemen and volunteer firemen is a good start.  We need real accountability on spending and decision making.  Builders, developers, real estate brokers, teachers, and mortgage representatives should be barred from elected positions, budget and board committees.  That will eliminate a great deal of fraud, waste, and abuse and hopefully keep everyone honest.

I don't agree with them on everything they are saying but at least they are making an effort to get the discussion started on how to cut back spending.

It's times like these you see the difference between true conservatives, liberals and cowards. 

True conservatives will talk about how to roll back spending and keep the budgets under control.  Liberals will talk about "fair" ways to tax people and milk society for more and more thinking there is no end in sight.

Sadly though most government officials fall into the last group, cowards.  They don't want to rock any boats so they wont make any substantial cuts because that would upset people, and of course they wont push for more taxes either.  They just hide in office letting the government crumble around them.

Its time for serious discussions about what in government is a need and what is a want, and it's time to stop forcing people to pay for the wants of others.