Are They Hiding Something

The federal government is now 3 months into its fiscal year (Oct 1 starting date) and after numerous delays they just now rush through the defense spending bill bringing it out the week before Christmas and rushing it through.  Why?  That's the question Jon Kyl, Republican from Arizona was asking.

Democrats stalled action themselves for months, hoping to use it as the locomotive for an end-of-the-year train of legislative items. “The Republicans didn’t control the timing on this bill,” said Minority Whip Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.). “Why haven’t the Democrats been able to bring this most important bill to the Senate for a vote until a week before Christmas?”

While the funding did pass Senate Republicans are objecting the most to the fact that the International Monetary Fund was added into the bill, but that's not what I found the most surprising about it.

The International Monetary Fund amounts to nothing more then a world bank that uses money from countries like the US to control smaller nations it "loans" the money out to.

But that aside, do you recall how Bush was blasted year after year by Democrats for the Patriot Act?  Back in 2005 they authored a 70 page dissent on reauthorizing it.  So why then did they rush to pass the defense bill that included parts of the Patriot Act that were set to expire bundled into it?  And why do this just before Christmas break when new cycles are generally not as focused on government actions and people are instead preoccupied with the Holidays?

AP reports:

An exception is the $626 billion Pentagon budget bill, which has been held back to serve as a locomotive to tug a bunch of unrelated provisions into law as Congress rushes to finish its work in the dwindling days of this year.

Other measures to be included in the defense bill include two-month extensions of federal jobless benefits approved as part of the economic stimulus package in February, health insurance subsidies for the unemployed and several provisions of the anti-terror USA Patriot Act that are set to expire.

I have to admit Democrats are cleaver.  They hold back this bill until now when the public isn't looking and slip in things not only that they don't want the public to realize the are supporting since they attacked Bush for, and they sneak in other non related spending so they can attack Republicans who refuse to support it claiming they are not supporting our troops.  They are using our military once again as political pawns.

There is nothing good about what they are doing here and honestly this should be a far greater outrage then just being the topic of random blog sites like this one.  Of course we all know the mainstream media would never touch it.