A Philosophical Question

While listening to the radio this week I heard a couple interesting discussions about health care and an interesting philosophical question I think is a good test of how people truly feel about any government program.

NHPR was discussing how now that MA has a program in which everyone in the state has health insurance there are new problems surfacing.  The first is that more people seeing doctors mean more waits.  They interviewed on woman who said it now takes 4 months advance before being able to get an appointment and where she had previously been able to spend up to an hour getting looked over by her doctor she is now rushed in and out in fifteen minutes.  They also pointed out that more doctors are leaving the state because the reimbursement on their work has been cut back so they aren't making as much.

This brings me to the question I heard asked on a different radio program.  If you had the choice of two societies, the first being one in which everything you need in life is provided "free" and the government takes most of what you earn in order to provide you with everything or the second being a society where you had to provide for yourself but you were allowed to keep nearly all of what you earn, which would you choose to live?

The answer to that will divide people into two groups and what you'll find are those who work and earn the money would seek to live in the second group where those who wish to freeload and live off others would with the first.  As we push American more toward the first with "free" education, health care, food, housing, etc etc etc we find more and more of the "rich" who those getting the "free" stuff expecting to pay the bill leaving in search of societies in which they are able to keep their earnings.

When America becomes that "free" stuff society and as we're seeing in MA with Doctors, those who earn and see their earnings diminished begin leaving for that other society who's going to pay for all the "free" stuff?  When everyone is sitting on the cart and no one is left to pull what then?