Is Santa Claus Real?

A friend of mine posted the following on facebook:

X is sending her daughter to school with instructions: It is great that you know that there is no santa and that today is really the yule BUT let's keep it to ourselves ;) Last week her teacher told her she is ruining xmas by telling the other kids there is no santa and made her cry. Gotta love a schools acceptance of diversity :(

In reading that I was appalled.  I can understand people of different faith who may not wish to have their children wake up and find presents under the tree brought to them by Santa and would instead want their children to know Mommy and Daddy got you these gifts or that Aunt Edda sent this over or whatever, but even if you are not Catholic faith and don't partake in Christmas with Santa, do not tell your children Santa is not real.

Why?  Because he is real.  Santa is another name for Saint Nicholas who lived and breathed just as you and I.  In fact, the name Santa Claus in fact comes from the Dutch version of the name Nicholas, Sinterklaas.

Saint Nicholas was born in Patara somewhere between 260 and 280 AD. He later became the bishop of Myra. One of the many things he did which later transformed into Santa Clause we know today, is that he provided gifts to the poor, mainly dowries for poor women.

It was his helping provide a dowry for a poor family who's daughters were to be sold as slaves that help spring the legend we now follow of him coming down the chimney.  He tossed three bags of gold down the chimney of a poor family to help provide the three daughters living their with the dowries needed to get them married.

He would also help poor children who left their shoes out by slipping coins into them during the night.  This was later transformed into stockings by the fireplace.

The long red bishop robe and tall red hat that transformed into the hat and red suit he is traditionally known for today.

It is in his honor that we continue the tradition of leaving gifts and why we tell children he sneaks down chimneys to deliver those gifts into the stockings left with care.

He was named a saint by the Catholic church in the 6th century.

So whether or not you believe in the catholic faith, or regardless of how you and your family choose to celebrate Christmas, do not try to claim that Santa Claus is not real because he is and as long as children continue to wake up to presents left in stockings and under the tree Santa will continue to live even if only in spirit.