Do Democrats Ever Look In The Mirror?

As I occasionally do I wandered over to to see if I could find the opinion of those on the other side of the political spectrum on current events.

Maybe the plan without details Tim Geithner went on about yesterday that caused the huge drop in the market?  Don't think the investor class likes being told they are expected to buy up toxic debt without being told any details like maybe how they are going to recap that money from bad loans that the banks can't recap the money from.  But there's nothing there about that.

Maybe they are discussing the toll increase the state is looking to push on the communities like Merrimack that are surrounded by toll booths?  Nope, no mention of that either.

What they are talking about is Gregg's missed senate votes for this year.  Could it be because Obama tapped him to serve on his staff?  Hmmm...

This is a hot issue for Democrats suddenly.  Missing votes in Senate has become a capital offense since it's a Republican doing it.

Funny they had no problem electing a president that made a political career out of avoiding voting on tough issues.  I guess when they control all 3 branches of the federal and state government and clearly the problems can no longer be dismissed as all Bush's fault its best to do what Democrats do best and avoid reality but to avoid by discussing issues that their own top choice is even more guilty of?  Maybe it's time to look in the mirror guys!