People Still Don't Know About The Deficit

Last year UNH conducted a state poll asking people if they knew what a mess our state budget was in.  Only 17% said they did.  59% said they heard a little and 23% had said they knew nothing at all about the deficit.

Here we are nearly a year later.  The Deficit has been the topic of discussion non stop at the state house.  The State reps have shuffled around schemes to hide it as best they can but it has still been the topic of debate.  And now we move into our newest budget cycle and the state still finds themselves spending more then they have in tax revenue, but do any more people know about it?

UNH released their newest poll asking the same questionYou can find the data in full HERE.

This time around 33% claim to have heard a lot about the budget deficit, and 48% claim to have heard a little.  Only 18% at this point claim to know nothing about it compared to the 23% last April. 

That's 66% who openly admit to knowing nothing or only knowing a little about the problems we as a state face.  What will it take to wake people up?  I guess since Lynch and company have done a good job shifting around the burden and haven't hit them up directly in taxes they will continue to ignore.