NH Stimulus Breakdown

The DPC has released a state by state breakdown of where the money is going is now available.  You can find the NH page HERE.

The part that interested me is the "Making Work Pay Tax Credit" on page 4.

It is described as:

Up to $400 for workers (or $800 for married couples) in the new Making Work Pay
Tax Credit for 590,000 workers and their families

Sounds great but what does it actually mean.

Tax credit is just that, you get credit as if you paid $400 or $800 towards your income tax bill then at the end of the year if you paid in more then you owe you get that money back.  Those who pay no income taxes will get a check for this amount.

In other words its a welfare handout to lower income families.  The tax code was used to redistribute wealth plan and simple.

Thinking people will ask the question of where this money will come from?  Clearly if I give you money it has to come from somewhere else first and being as the government doesn't produce anything they do not earn money.  In order for government to give those paying no income tax this money they must first take it from someone else.  The question is who's going to be the one left holding the bill?