12 More Horses "Saved" By Government

Just last month I wrote about the government and the SPCA's encounters with horse owners and how they have stepped in to "save" horses taking them from their home and owners based on in some cases single unproven allegations.

Yesterday, March 9th, in Candia the government and SPCA stepped in and "saved" 12 more horses.  These are 12 healthy and cared for horses taken from a good home and now put on the tax payers back all because of an allegation against the owner.  No innocent until proven guilty.  Watch this video and see how it all went down.

Think about what just happened from the horse owners perspective.  Twelve horses, you love and care for are taken from you at gun point with no explanation, loaded into trailers with taped over license plates and ID numbers and taken to who knows where.  You are given NO information about their where abouts and are treated like a criminal yet no wrong doing has been proven as of yet in any court of law.  The state assumes guilt and takes your horses which you then must prove your innocence before any chance of getting them back.  And that assumes that they haven't been "saved" by being put down as in at least one cases mention in my prior article.