Ray Buckley Thinks Carol Is The Best Ever

The Union Leader ran an interesting editorial this week that had an even more interesting quote from Ray Buckley.

Carol Shea-Porter is the best to ever represent the first district in Congress. Since her election back in 2006, no one has fought harder to protect working families, veterans and our children. She is an independent leader, and has a long record of providing real results for her constituents.”

Wow, now that's a bold assertion.

The rest of Drew Cline's article goes on about Amos Tuck, whom he argues should be thought of as the best.  While Drew's argument is solid in it's basis and he raises great points about Amos Tuck, he still leaves the question open of whether Carol is one of the best even if she isn't as great as Amos Tuck.  To answer that I suggest we look at her record.

What has Carol done for us?

1) As "Burch" points out in the comments to Drew's story, Carol "voted against the first stimulus package under the Bush administration because she thought it was irresponsible to spend that sum of money. Presto-chango, she voted in favor of Obama’s stimulus package. Same amount of money, different party in power. Partisan or principle? Seems like she’s wearing her rose-colored partisan glasses."

2) She supported giving $1 million of tax payer money to a group that didn't even exist, of which one of those opposing the bill even questioned why they could find no existence of the group prior to the vote. Carol knew in advance the group was questionable yet she voted to give then $1 million of your tax dollars anyway.

3) When presented with a bill to assure access to health insurance to all Americans who couldn't afford it, she voted NO.

4) When a bill to provide the funding to schools so they could do background checks on the people they hire to care for our children, she voted no.

5) A bill to restore $2 million to the federal budget to investigate Union Corruption, she again voted no siding instead with the Unions.

6) Voted to strip workers of right to secret ballot voting.

7) Voted against allowing small businesses to pool together when trying to provide cheaper health care for their employees.

8) Voted for one of the largest tax increases in history.

9) Voted to allow Illegals access to Federally funded housing intended for low income American Families.

10) When presented with bills to help America out of it Energy Dependence that included provisions for "alternatives, renewables and conservation" she voted no.

I could go on and on examining every single vote she's taken but I think it's clear that there is a pattern here.  If this is the best representation we have ever had then I would be very interested in knowing what Ray views as the worst.