Open Letter To England

To the people and government officials of England,

I sincerely apologize for the behavior of my president, Barack Obama. I am as appalled as much of England is that he would return the gift given generously by your country after the devastating attacks of 9-11.  I, as do many other Americans, understand the significance Winston Churchill had in the history of your country and the heavy symbolic gesture of the loaning of this bust was not missed by all.

I am even more appalled by the blantant slap in the face Gordon Brown received during his visit to America.  Gordon's gift of the pen holder made from the timbers of the anti slave ship HMS Gannet, the sister ship HMS Resolute which had its timbers made into a desk that has sat in the White House since 1880, was unbelievably thoughtful from your country.  The designer clothing and first edition of the classic seven volume biography of Winston Churchill were no less thoughtful gifts.  So I can imagine your countries disgust with America having received two plastic helicopters taken directly from the White House gift shop and a box of DVDs.  He didn't even spring for Blu-Ray but lower quality DVDs which to add even more of an insult to the gift, were America region DVDs that wont play in British DVD players.

Your country must understand this is a President who thought it in good taste to mock the Special Olympics.  So don't take it too personally, his insulting behavior isn't limited to your country alone.

I'm sure many other Americans feel as sorry as I do and I hope in four short years our country will send a strong message to the British that we will not tolerate such antics from our leaders.



Richard Barnes