Iraq Prime Minister To Obama

We've been hearing the chat from the left since nearly day one that Iraq wants us out, how their leaders want us out and that Bush was the villain for not withdrawing our troops.  Bush after all wanted to "stay the course" and we'd be there for decades if Democrats didn't step in and do something.

Along comes the shinning knight Obama who stated he would pull our troops out of Iraq.  In Oct 2007 he said "I will remove one or two brigades a month, and get all of our combat troops out of Iraq within 16 months."

In Jan 2008 Obama was saying "I have put forward a plan that will get our troops out by the end of 2009."  An even more ambitious plan then originally stated.

By Sept 2008 he changed his story in a different direction stating "We should end this war responsibly. We should do it in phases. But in 16 months we should be able to reduce our combat troops, provide some relief to military families and our troops and bolster our efforts in Afghanistan so that we can capture and kill bin Laden and crush al Qaeda".

A slight change in tone saying we'll reduce our troop levels instead of his earlier rhetoric about removing them all.

CNN, in a story titled "Iraqi Leaders Welcome U.S. Troop Withdraw Plan" lets a little bit of a detail about "Obama's" plan slip out if you read far enough in.  They start by stating:

Iraqi leaders are applauding President Obama's plan to withdraw most U.S. troops from the country by August 2010.

Everything sounds great right?  And of course we have Obama to thank fo such a great turn around in events from our last horrible failed leader right?

Of course 8 paragraphs in they have this to say:

That was a deadline set under an agreement the Bush administration signed with the Iraqi government last year.

Oh, so wait a minute.  Obama isn't really doing anything different here.  He's just following Bush's plan all along, the same thing Democrats threatened McCain would have done had Obama lost.  Interesting.

Then along comes a bombshell announcement just this week from Nouri al-Maliki, the prime minister in Iraq, in which he told Obama that any US troop withdraws "must be done with our approval".  "I do not want any withdrawals except in areas considered 100 percent secure and under control"

US Troop withdraws must be done with THEIR approval?  I'm sorry Mr and Mrs Smith but your son has to be put in harms way because the Iraq government hasn't given us the permission to send him home yet?  Really?  That's what it's come down to here?  Who exactly is the commander and chief of the US Army?  Who Does our Army report to?

While Obama has folded like a cheep suit on other past claims, regardless of what your feelings are on the Iraq war I think it's clear he cannot set president in having other governments dictate to us what we can or cannot do with our troops.  Obama's statements about Iraq have been clear that he does intend to withdraw our troops, regardless of what timeline he plans to go along with, and for him to do an about face now would be a huge mistake.  It would be an open admission on his part that other countries can dictate the use of our soldiers and get away with it.