Star Wars Vs Star Trek - Political Style

As we approach the summer movie season two upcoming movies caught my eye.

First is Star Trek, a new take on the Enterprise crews Captain Kirk as a young man. The other Fan Boyz, a comedy about a group of friends who seek out to steal a pre release of Star Wars Episode I.

As most Sci-Fi geeks such as myself can tell you, people usually tend to be fans of one or the other.  Its almost like the Yankee vs Red Sox rivalry.  Also not too unlike political beliefs, people tend to be more aligned with Republicans or Democrats.  And if you look closer at either movie you'll see too that Star Trek and Star Wars likewise tends to align more with Republicans or Democrats.

Star Trek clearly represents the Democrats while Star Wars is more aligned with Republicans.

For starters look at how both realms deal with money:

Star Trek: Picard in First Contact explains that money no longer exists in the 24th century as humans have advanced past the drive for material wealth and possessions.
Democrats like the Star Trek characters strive for equality for everyone. They see it unfair for someone to have too much wealth while others do not.
Star Wars: Characters such as Han Solo or Watto make it very clear that money is their driving factor.  There is a drive for wealth and wealth is seen as a good thing.
Republicans support the entrepreneurial sprite seen in Star Wars.  Striving to have a lot of money isn't a bad thing.

Class Warfare:

Star Trek: Just like wealth, Star Trek has achieved equality where all races and classes of people are treated as equals.  A Democrat dream world.  Each crew is made of of a mix people from different backgrounds all sharing in equality and everyone is treated the same.
Star Wars: In Star Wars there are different classes of people.  Some people have skills that separate them out from others (Jedi) and place them at an almost higher level then the common person.  People can also work themselves up to become great men of power running vast business empires or even land into such roles as a matter of luck (Lando).  Not far from what Republicans believe and accept.


Star Trek: They have a single government with all the power, the federation.  Likewise everyone in Star Trek works for the betterment of the federation.  Government is seen as a good thing and working for the government as part of star fleet is an honor.
This is not unlike the Democrats pushing for more federal level control and strive for world government working together such as the UN.
Star Wars: Shows the ineffectiveness of government.  In Episodes I to III the government is shown to be so large and bogged down with process that it has grown ineffective.
Republicans too see the evil in large centrally controlled government.


Star Trek: Executive producer Brannon Braga once admitted "We want to keep Star Trek secular."  So a concerted effort was made to avoid discussions and mention of God.  Again not unlike Democrats who wish to eliminate all discussions or mentioning of God and/or any symbols of faith.  In Star Trek 5, the Final Frontier, the even disprove a faith showing that the being they believe is God is no such thing.
Star Wars: Religion and faith is much more prominent as is the belief in life after death.  Star Wars like Republicans believe faith and religion is something ok to be discussed and talked about.

I'd be interested in seeing others add their own comparisons as well.