The Drug War

I'd like to share two stories from recent news regarding the on going war on drugs with you for thought.

First is a story that comes from Time Magazine entitled "Obama's Other War: Fighting Mexico's Drug Lords".  In the article they mention El Paso County, Texas having "seen almost 2,000 drug-related murders since the start of 2008, with many of the victims being police officers, not to mention the epidemic of kidnappings and extortion".  To sum it up, we're seeing a lot of violence because of the drug lords making tons of money off Americans who buy their drugs.  The market has a desire for drugs and they are the ones profiting from it by bringing the illegal drugs over the border.

In the news the same day as the above story came this one from the Union Leader titled "100 pot plants confiscated at Merrimack home".  Now in this story I actually know the home in question.  It's literally 2 streets away from where I live.  Was I living in fear of the people living there as those in Texas live in fear of the Mexican drug lords who thrive on the black market business?  Certainly not.  As far as I knew this was no different then any other home in my neighborhood.  There was a swing in the yard and kids toys laying about.  The people living there seemed to care well for their yard.  The house could use some paint but most wood sided houses need to be touched up every few years so that's not too uncommon.  Over all I'd classify them as good neighbors.

Now let's think this one through.  Clearly whether we want it or not there is an underground market for drugs in this country.  Since the police raid and arrest pot growers here in this country drug lords in Mexico capable of growing huge fields of pot are able to step in and control the market, making millions.  The millions made from the black market allow them to purchase armies of gang members willing to step up and murder if needed to protect the drug lords and their underground markets.

If it became legal to grow pot in this country, peaceful NH families as the one just blocks from my own house would be free to grow a couple plants in their back yard and there wouldn't be a demand for drugs on the black market.  Drug lords would no longer have huge incomes of cash from drug sales and their armies would disappear.

But alas, the drugs like pot are viewed as bad.  This in itself is interesting because drugs far more addictive and far more mind altering are considered legal with prescriptions.  Other drugs like caffeine or alcohol are considered fine for the open market.  So what is it about pot that people fear?  At the very least we should look at the medical benefits as one commenter mentioned in the Union Leader article... but alas that brings us to a government conspiracy theory as far as why the government doesn't want to allow medical usage but I will save that for a later article.  Stay tuned...