I Want Obama To Fail

I want Obama to fail seems to be said by more and more people these days, but what does it mean?  Any thinking person would first ask the question fail at what?

Fail at defending our nation?  Clearly no sane person would want that as it would result in dead Americans.

Fail at turning around the economy?  Again, that would result in Americans losing their jobs and not something those who cherish this country would ever want for their fellow Americans.

So what is it so many want Obama to fail at.  Well to answer that you must actually look at his agenda and what it is he's trying to do.

1) He's looking to expand abortions and has already reversed law that prevents tax payers dollars from funding them.  Do I want my tax dollars used to murder babies in later term abortions who are in some cases able to live outside the womb?  Heck no!  I question the morality of anyone who wants this policy to succeed.

2) He's looking to strip away gun rights.  Do I want our second amendment rights weakened or perhaps abolished?  Again no!

3) Through the stimulous package he is looking at wealth redistribution.  He has already made it clear he wants to punish those earning $250,000 or more with higher taxes and it's very clear that with the amount of spending he is pushing through that eventually the taxes of even the middle class will have to be increased to cover it all.  Do I want less money in my weekly pay so some welfare mother of 6 without a job can sit home with her kids living off my hard work?  Do I want to pay for tattoo removal of "former" gang members (actual expense in the stimulus bill)?  Again, no!  I work hard for what I earn and I'm entitled to my pay.

4) He's looking to remodel out health care system to match that of Cuba.  Do I want the problems that accompany Universal Health Care?  No!

5) His policies allow for more open borders and allowing more of the bottom rungs of other nations to come to America and have full access to programs our hard earned tax dollars pay for.  Do I want to be the handout capital of the world?  No!

The list goes on and on...

So when people say they want Obama to fail, if you are a thinking person the correct response is "at what" and chances are that unless you are a far left wing socialist you will most likely agree.