The Real Problem With The Bathroom Bill

There has already been much discussion about the side effect of HB 415 which will allow anyone who "expresses" themselves as the opposite gender to be able to freely use facilities such as bathrooms and changing rooms of the opposite sex.  But that is only one troubling issue of this bill, the other is the further erosion of rights of the business owner.

Assume for a moment you are a business owner of a clothing store.  Now in the retail world, sales are the most important thing there is.  If you aren't selling your product then you aren't going to be in business long.  Now let's assume that you sit down and analyze your sales per associate and find a trend. 

On days you have a transgendered male working in your store sales drop 40%.  You also find that any time you have a blond haired woman working sales go up 15% unless they are working with the transgendered male in which case your sales still drop by 40% of average.

Since your goal as a business owner is to make profit you do what you need to do and fire the transgenered male and hire another blond woman, right?

Nope, because this bill will protect the right of the transgenred male over that of the business owner.  The owner can no longer do what is best for their business because that would be considered discrimination.

So I ask you, is ALL discrimination bad?  If as a business owner you were able to create 3 more jobs because sales increased so much when you have blond haired woman working that you ONLY hired blond haired women would that be a bad thing?  I don't think so.

Are there those who will refuse to hire minorities simply because they are minorities?  Yes, I'm sure there are.  However we've gone now to such an extreme to prevent this from happening we now force businesses to hire in some cases people who are unqualified over someone more qualified or who can do the job better because they need that magic mix of races, colors, sexual orientations etc.  And bills such as HB 415 only further to expand on that problem rather then fix it.  When a private business owner can no longer hire and fire someone whom they feel improves or harms their business for whatever reasons they see fit then there is a real problem.