Tea Anyone?

As most informed citizens are I'm sure already aware, today April 15th there were over 700 tea protests being held around the country including some here in New Hampshire.

I'm making a couple predictions in advance of the stories we will see in the April 16th news papers.

1) The Boston Globe will have a negative spin in their coverage.

2) Most of the national news sources covering the protests will focus on any fringe or extremists that attend and you'll see pictures of these individuals and not of the crowds.

3) Politicians are going to down play the whole event.

The 3rd isn't really a prediction since it's already happening.  Several Democrats have already attempted to dismiss the events claiming they are right wing extremists.  However that isn't the case.  Yesterday prove it for me.

As pointed out in Steve MacDonald's article about Merrimack's election, my wife was running for school board so she and I were standing out at two of the three poling locations in Merrimack holding signs.  This year's election was very civil and everyone regardless of political spectrum all got along.  As I was standing with my wife's sign one of those holding a sign for one of the two running for town clerk asked if I was attending any of the tea protests.  I unfortunately can't make any of them so I said so but the person on the other side of me holding the sign for the other town clerk candidate said they too were going and asked which one they were attending.  Quickly the conversation grew and come to find out every single person with the exception of my self who was holding signs planned on attending.  Every side of the political spectrum was covered and they were all together on protesting against government spending.

Now the question I have is what will come of this.  If we allow politicians to brush it off as they've already begun doing then why bother protesting?  How do we make sure this isn't ignored and forgotten like the penny toll protests we saw in Merrimack?  How do we guilt politicians into feeling them must listen to the majority of us who want less government and lower taxes?

Part of it is consistency and repetition.  Republicans have been too hypocritical and not complained when their own were in control (such as Bush) and deficit spending took place, granted it was no where near the level we are seeing now.  And Democrats too are just as hypocritical as we have heard them for years now complaining about Bush and Reagan and point to Clinton as the role model since he (and the republican house and senate) were able to balance the budget and at the very least slow down the national debt but yet now those same Democrats are silent.  Some in fact are even taking the opposite stance claiming we need to rebuild "infrastructure" and attempting now to justify the unbelievable level of spending which dwarf's even the highest deficit levels of Bush or Reagan.

So I hope this is the dawning of a new age.  An age when we begin to push for smaller government and an age when we begin to hold politicians from all sides of the political spectrum accountable for their actions.