After The Tea Party

So you went to the tea party, perhaps even held a "(T)axed (E)nough (A)lready" sign but what happens next?

As I predicted much of the news coverage attempted to make it out to be nothing more then a right wing extremist gathering and are doing their best to dismiss it.  Politicians too are brushing it off.

From the pictures I'm seeing on facebook, myspace and other websites its clear there were all types of backgrounds represented.  It wasn't a right wing extremist party.  One person even took pictures of all the Obama bumper stickers on the cars parked at the event.

So what can be done to really make a difference?

For starters you can't just leave it at that.  You can't just sit back and assume that you've done all you need to do.

This week was a missed opportunity I'm sure for most as it was the last public hearing for the State's budget committee as they prepare the new version of the NH budget.  You can however write your state reps and make sure they know that the voting citizens within their own districts want to see cutting rather then more spending.  If everyone who showed up in Victory Park in Manchester had gone to the public hearing I would hope the state would feel they had to listen.

Another option is to vote informed.  There are groups like the National Taxpayers Union who look into how each and every federal level politician votes and rates them based on their spending habits.  Make sure you are voting for someone who actually has your wallet as one of their interests.

The primaries are the most important times in any election.  How often have you heard people complain that they voted for the lesser of two evils rather then for someone they were actually happy with?  Educate yourself on all the choices and make sure to get out and vote at the primary.  And when I say educate yourself, don't simply read the rhetoric or sound bytes, really look at how each candidate votes.  Look at their records.  The primary is your chance to actually have someone you want.

If you have the time work to help get your choice in candidates elected.  You know full well that those living off your money work as hard as they can for the candidates like Obama who will give them even more of it so you too need to work just as hard.  In fact now is the time.  Start looking at people considering runs for Congress, Senate, State Rep or whatever.  If you see someone you like help them out.   Start emailing around about them, get some buzz going now.

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, stay vocal.  If you aren't doing your best to make sure your opinion is put out there then politician can simply say they don't know anyone who feels the way you do.