A Democratic Admission

I've said here before that I frequently read not only web sites I agree with but sites I disagree with as I like to see what the other side is thinking.  I like to see "facts" that may change my mind.  Usually I find a lot of political spin, half truths and opinions which is why I tend not to agree with the other side.  Never the less I do like to read other sources of information.

On the national level, politics are for the most part what they are.  We gripe about Obama, Bush etc but facts are they all suck.  There isn't going to be any drastic change (at least not for the better) in our lifetime and the best we can hope for there is to get someone elected who will do the least amount of damage to the constitution as possible.

This brings us to the local level of politics.  State and local politics are were real change change be made.  This is the level we can get grass root momentum to swing bills one way or the other.  Strong public outcry over the types of political stunts that often go ignored in Washington could cause local politicians to be voted out.

It is for this very reason that sites like this, where people come to read opinions and details of what is actually happening in our local and state level government is important.  People expect those of us writing on sites like this to be "in the mix" here in NH politics.

That's why I found an admission posted on another NH political site to be so shocking.  They out right admitted that while they are running a NH based political sight who's goal is to sway NH politics, they aren't from NH.  What is this website?

www.BlueHampshire.com where today they posted:

"While Elwood and I (and co-founder Mike Caulfield) are from the West Coast..."

They aren't even from this side of the country!