Specter vs Reagan

With Arlen Specter leaving the republican party to join the democratic party I can't help but think back to Ronald Reagan.  Reagan was a democrat for years but then switched over to the republican party.  It was at that point he made his famous statement that he didn't leave the Democratic party, the Democrat's left him.

Now we see the opposite, Arlen Specter leaving the Republican party however unlike Reagan who left because of political beliefs and doing it because it was what he felt was right, Arlen is instead doing what he sees best for Arlen and Arlen alone.

Arlen Specter won his 2004 primary by only 2% with it becoming very clear that the republican party was getting fed up with RINOs such as Specter.  Specter for years stuck with the republican party because they elected him despite his only agreeing with them on few key issues.  Now in 2010 it is becoming clearer and clearer that with the party beginning to realign and clean out those "republicans" who like Bush helped tarnish the name of the party and taint what it stood for, that Arlen was going to find himself out of office.  After weighing options he found that the Democrats were willing to accept him just to get one more person with a D next to their name and since he is the incumbent and has name recognition enough that he could win a general election he jumped ship as a matter of opportunity.

Specter did this for the complete opposite reasons Reagan switched parties.  Rather then standing up for what he believed and his principles Arlen switched for opportunity and chances to win more elections.  Arlen proved himself a whore and with that I say good riddance.