Speak Out To Carol Get Locked Up Part 2

Carol Shea Porter already shown that she is willing to have anyone who speaks out against her locked up back in 2007 when she had a Vietnam Veteran locked away because of the letter he sent her.  This week Carol once again showed her willingness to over react.

Let's examine the facts.

1) It is being reported around that country that there are several organized tax protests going on as a result of the government bail outs.  These are being reported on all the major news sources so anyone involved in politics should be aware of them.

2) Carol Shea Porters office received an envelope with the name and address of one Michael Yannetti which was labeled in clear writing "Tea Protest".  Inside the envelope was loose green tea.

3) The anthrax used in the 2001 attacks is a white powder.

4) Michael Yannetti send similar letters to several other elected officials in protest.

5) None of the other elected officials who received similar letters from Michael called in emergency crews.

Now if you were in the office of Carol Shea Porter, knowing full well there were tea protests going on around the country and knowing you voted for the Trillion plus dollar bailout that is being protested and you were to receive a clearly labeled envelope with a tea like substance would you...

A) Assume it was tea as part of the nationally organized protest.

B) Assume it is anthrax and close down an entire building.

c) Assume it is anthrax, close down an entire build and then blame the protestor for wasting tax dollars

Carol and company choose to do C.  She over reacted as usually reporting anthrax had been sent to her office (which the emergency crews who responded immediately identified the substance as either tobacco or tea).  And now Democrats are claiming the protestor is to blame for wasting our tax dollars on the scare.  Let's see... trillion dollar bailout is ok, but the cost because of the over reaction of a congress woman is a waste of money.  Right, got it!

If everyone who received such letters, of which Michael sent a few, had a protocol they were following or reacted in similar ways it could be said that Michael was out of line but no other elected official even batted an eye.  I think that tells us all we need to know about Carol's over reactionary style.