Democrats showing their true colors

I've learned why Democrats don't like to "debate" on sites like this one which strives to be non bias and allow views from all sides to be expressed.  When they fear independents and others who may actually support them read their comments they cannot express themselves unguarded.  They have to be careful in what they post and what they say so not to offend.  However when you wonder over to their own sites where they tend more to preach to the choir once in a while you can catch them off guard.  That happened in a debate I was having on Blue Hampshire I'd like to share, so not to be accused of taking things out of context feel free to read the whole debate and store here.

Jack Mitchell, one of the writers on the site, attempt to claim I was "distorted political positions" in an article I wrote about Carol Shea Porter's voting record (read it in full here).

One of the specifics he found fault was was the following point from my article (bolding being his addition, not my own):

9) Voted to allow Illegals access to Federally funded housing intended for low income American Families.

Now if you actually followed through to the details, Roll Call 628 taken in 2007 did allow people who illegally came into this country to receive the same benefits that those who follow the rules and came here legally did.  Is it a distorted position to only want to give benefits to people who follow our laws?  When I followed up I received one of those rare moments of clarity where in a Democrat was being honest about their views...

On the "illegal" meme. This one makes me laugh. Demonizing folks that are trying to make better lives for themselves. It just doesn't square with us in the dirty masses that huddle beside these people. They work hard. They care about their families and community. In short, they are MORE american then half the citizens of this country. Scapegoating teh illegals and teh gays and teh (Fill in the blank) is lazy politics. It is what the Nazi's did to the Jews, pure and simple.

Now there is a lot to be said to this.  I guess the first place to start is the end in which Jack lumps illegals together with "teh gays".  No where did I mention homosexuals in any of the debate I had with him.  No where in my article about Carol do I mention anything about homosexuality and/or same sex marriages.  In fact those who know me know I'm a live and let live minded person and could care less what consenting adults do or choose to classify themselves as (married or otherwise).  The fact that Jack would lump these two groups together is something I find very troubling and the mere idea of lumping criminals being extended rights not entitled to them in with homosexuals on any level is bigoted at best.

But I digress, let's take a step back and look at the over all argument.  His basic premis here is that Carol's vote to extend government handouts such as subsidized housing to illegal immigrants is justified because they are simply trying to better their own lives.  So as long as you are attempting to better your life then its ok to reward bad behavior and for that matter totally ignore our laws.

Right now my sister is living in Ireland.  She meet a nice man from Ireland while he came here on a visa.  When his visa expired he had to go back to his country, which she went with him and eventually married him.  Now while they both would like to move back to America, they are stuck living in Ireland because they are following the rules and the US government has not yet allowed him to come back to this country.  They are following the rules and since Carol is rewarding indiscriminantly both those who follow the rules and those who don't, my brother in law is being punished for being honest and waiting to come here.

The concept that we should extend benefits and reward those who break our laws is a direct slap in the face to people like my sister and brother in law who are actually attempting to follow the rules and do things correctly.  The concept that we should pick and choose laws and that it's ok to break some laws like immigration laws and to even argue otherwise is "lazy politics" is out right insane but this is what many Democrat believe.  That's why we see so many having no problem with Obama's illegal immigrant aunt who is here living 100% off the backs of hard working Americans or with the Obama administration members who feel tax laws should apply to the rest of us but not them.  This is also why you'll often hear Democrat refer to the constitution as a living document that should be interpreted over time.