Do Republicans Have a Problem

I was listening this week to James Carvel discussing what the problems with the Republican party are and why they've begun losing elections.  He likened each party to a church and asked which church would you rather belong to, one that takes in anyone and attempts to convert them or one that holds true to their beliefs and attempts to toss out those who do not agree.  He claimed that is why Democrats are winning, because they are accepting everyone and all types of candidates (such as Specter) and then attempting to convert them once in their congregation.

I'm not sure I agree with that theory.  The reason I don't agree is one simple word, Bush.  George W. Bush was more centrist/moderate then any president of the past 30 years and the Republican party, rather then standing by their beliefs attempted to defend Bush and his policies as Republican policies.  The problem with that is they weren't Republican policies.  They were bad policies.  And the failure of the Republican party to stand up and argue against Bush for not holding true to Republican beliefs caused the party as a whole to fail.

I heard it put best in the following example, when a business begins to do poorly do they start spending more money training the worst employees hoping to improve them?  Not in cases I've seen.  Businesses use it as a chance to "trim the fat" and eliminate the employees causing drag on their performance.

Admittedly, Democrats do not have the same problems as republicans because they don't have the standards of Republicans.  The Republican party claims to be the party of small government, less spending, cutting government waste etc.  So when you have a big government spender wearing the R on his chest it makes the party as a whole look hypocritical.  The best thing Republicans can do is call to task those who spend too much, those who ignore the constitution, those who violate what being a Republican is supposed to mean.  They also need to focus less on the petty issues.  We have real issues facing this country.  Joblessness, wars and terror, government debt, banking and housing problems, pending crash of the social security system etc etc etc.  Social issues like same sex marriage, medical marijuana etc are not something we should be even wasting time on on the federal level.  Leave those issues to be battled at the state level and even then Republicans should be focusing the majority of their attention on the real issues.  Let's not forget NH is still in a deficit.