Part of The Solution to What Problem?


The Telegraph printed a letter this week claiming that Republicans need to be part of the "solution".  You can read the letter in full HERE but here is an excerpt:

The GOP today is more worried about the Republican “brand” than working with the Democrats to come up with real-world solutions to improve the economy, end the war in Iraq, and defeat al-Qaida and the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The biggest problem with the GOP right now is that they DID seek to work with Democrats and that's what cost them the presidency and both houses.  If you look at the root of most of the problems we face they stem back to Democrats or failure of Republicans to stand up against Democrats for what was right.

Look at the housing/banking problems and the majority of economic problems we're in today.  Some Republicans tried to fix the problems before they grew too far out of control but were shot down because the moderate Republicans didn't want to take a hard stand against the Democrats who supported the growing government.

And when Republicans did reach out across the isle and attempt to meet part way with Democrats, when the problems started arising from growing more government it became an albatross on the neck of Bush and other Republicans while Democrats stepped away taking no responsibility.  Look at the No Child Left Behind Act as a perfect example of that.  Teddy Kennedy's brain child was left around Bush's neck like a noose.  "Unfunded mandate" is what you hear it referred to time and time again.  Local school systems are forced to hire more unnecessary staff and spend more and more money they end up having to tax you locally for because of the requirements placed on them in this Act.  Meanwhile if you look at the federal government under Bush, they increased spending on education to more then every before in US history.  Common dreams wrote:

In the past year and a half, we've had the biggest education bill in history...

Where was that money going if local schools such as those here in NH are required to spend more and find we get less from the federal level government?  Not here that's for sure.  It goes to feed the bureaucracy that does nothing to help our kids and grows government leaving us with less in our pockets.

The most interesting line in that letter is that they are looking for Republicans to help with the War and the combating terror.  Excuse me?  I thought that's what Democrats ran on.  They would fix that mess created by Republicans.  We've heard for nearly the last 8 years how Republicans were doing it all wrong.  Why would they want ANY of the help from Republicans on that front?

Time and time again Republicans have made efforts to work across the isle and time and time again they are the ones being blamed for these failures.

Enough is enough.  It's time for Republicans to STOP working with Democrats and let Democrats take the blame for the problems they create.  It's time for Republicans to push REAL solutions and to actually start acting like Republicans.  And it's time for Democrats to either sink or swim.  They've claimed to have solutions so now's their chance to shine or fall apart.  They've claimed Republicans caused the problems so it's time for the Democrats to prove whether or not they can really fix them.  So far I'm seeing record debt that makes Bush's out of control spending look good and I'm seeing nothing new on most other fronts.