What's Important

The Union Leader ran a very good piece this week arguing that the Democrat controlled state government should now forget about the same sex marriage argument that we've already spent far too much time debating and discussing and focus on the real issue, the nearly $500 million deficit facing our state.

You can read the article in full HERE but I'd like to share some quotes from it.

At a news conference yesterday, the Republicans called on Gov. John Lynch to veto the same-sex marriage bill being considered and provide leadership on the financial problems facing the state.



Yesterday, newly elected District 3 Sen. Jeb Bradley, R-Wolfeboro, said voters want "Concord to focus on pocketbook issues. They care about keeping their jobs, about feeding their families and paying the mortgage. "It is high time -- with barely six weeks to go in the legislative session -- to put aside gay marriage and focus on the critical economic issues," Bradley said.

Former House Speaker and current House Assistant Minority Leader Gene Chandler, R-Bartlett, said the proposed budget is way out of balance and time is short.

"However you feel about same-sex marriage, it is time to move on and deal with the budget of the state of New Hampshire," Chandler said.

He urged Lynch to "say, 'Enough is enough.' We have a budget crisis in this state like I have not seen in years, and the focus has not been on that."

Senate Minority Leader Peter Bragdon, R-Milford, said the budget is more than $500 million out of balance; 40,000 state residents are out of work; state and school aid has been cut by millions of dollars; and the unemployment trust fund is nearly insolvent. It is time to focus on the critical economic issues, he said.

Now one of the arguments I've already seen Democrats fire back on is that they can and do focus on multiple issues at a time.  If that is the case then why is same sex marriage the only issue we see press releases coming from the Governor about?  Why are we seeing state rep after state rep standing in front of news reporters answering questions and making statements about same sex marriage but until now have not seen any discussing plans for the budget?  Why when you look at Democratic websites (I refuse to use the term "state party website" since it isn't) such as www.BlueHampshire.com do you see endless debates about same sex marriage and other nonsense that doesn't impact the majority of the citizens in this state yet you see nothing about the growing spending hole in Concord?

Oh don't be fooled, it's not like the Democrats in Concord are doing nothing at all.  They are pushing huge tax increases through which they hope you and other tax payers ignore.  They don't want to talk about spending or taxing because they know most citizens will be upset by what is happening.

Let's turn back to one additional telling quote from the Union Leader article:

The gay marriage bill's prime sponsor, Rep. James Splaine, D-Portsmouth, said, "It is time to move on and say 'yes' to this. There is nothing more important than how we treat one another.''

Jim is right, there is nothing more important then how we treat one another but one key fact that Jim misses is that forcing neighbors to contribute to optional government programs and charity via bloated budget spending is just about as bad as out right robbing someone.

He also fails to understand the job of the government.  It isn't the job of the government to make us all be friendly to one another and sing peace to the world while holding hands.

A wise and frugal government which shall restrain men from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government. – Thomas Jefferson

I can't put it more bluntly then the great Thomas Jefferson so adequately did.

Government defining what is and is not a marriage is NOT the role of government.  The whole concept that government needs to expand the definition to allow for same sex couples is as backwards as you can get.  Religion, not government, should be in the marriage business and the fact that we've now spent months debating it and putting it in the forefront while time ticks away to focus on the budget which is the most important thing on the state government plate has sat quietly in the background receiving no press coverage, no public discussions from state reps, and is being almost completely ignored by the Democratic party is down right criminal.

Let's put focus on things that really matter!