Betting On The Wrong Horse For The Wrong Reasons

As part of the attempts to fill the ever growing budget hole in Concord State Democrats are betting on a new horse... gambling.  The Union Leader has an article discussing this found HERE.

The Senate Finance Committee wrapped up work on a budget yesterday that hinges on $185 million in projected gambling revenue to balance state spending over the next two years. 


The plan is not a sure thing. The move to add as many as 13,000 slot machines at three tracks and two new casinos passed the committee only by a 4-3 vote. Senate Finance Chairman Sen. Lou D'Allesandro, D-Manchester, a tireless gambling advocate, was unable to get a similar plan through the Senate earlier this year.

If the Senate goes along with the Finance plan, it would set the stage for a clash with the House budget team in a committee of conference next month. The House has already soundly defeated two gambling bills this year.

All I can say here is that this is a case of being right for the wrong reasons.  Gambling should be legalized.  It is a freedom.  If I as a consenting adult wish to wager money on a slot machine or game of chance then that should be my choice to do.   However the reasoning for wanting gambling legalized isn't to expand personal freedom and liberty, it is because state Democrats feel they can use it as a new cash cow to support their out of control spending frenzy.

It's a freedom, not a government income.