Leaving The Republican Party For What?

As I read Dave Jarvis's article about switching back to the Democratic Party I began typing a long response but then stopped.  It wasn't until I read THIS column that I found a response nessisary.

Dave asks the following questions (I'm leaving them worded as he worded them):

1) Do you really want to be in the party of torture?

2) Do you really want to be known as the politicians who worked to deny gays their civil rights (someday soon it won't seem so wise).

3) Do you really want to be the party of “Health Care is JUST FINE AS IT IS?”

4) Do you really want to be a Republican?

Here are my response to his questions.

1)I thought I understood Dave's views on torture and thought he viewed torture as a simple morality issue but recent comments regarding 9-11 he made leaves me questioning whether it is about morality.

But basing a response assuming it were simply about morality I pose this to ponder...

Killing is immoral yet if we did not kill the enemy in a war they would take over our country and kill us. Horrible choices such as dropping the bomb on Japan are viewed as choices that had to be made in order to save many more lives. So if treating someone rough but not killing them saves hundreds or thousands of lives is that too not also acceptable? Or should we sit back and allow our enemy to take over our land and kill us all so we can at least die feeling we died on the moral high ground?

We know for a FACT that torture did in fact save American lives, even Obama's staff has confirmed this.

President Obama’s national intelligence director told colleagues in a private memo last week that the harsh interrogation techniques banned by the White House did produce significant information that helped the nation in its struggle with terrorists.

“High value information came from interrogations in which those methods were used and provided a deeper understanding of the al Qa’ida organization that was attacking this country,” Adm. Dennis C. Blair, the intelligence director, wrote in a memo to his staff last Thursday.

So were we wrong to drop the bomb? Are our soldiers wrong for shooting the enemy in the battlefield? And if it was ok to bomb Japan and shoot enemy in a battlefield yet you have a problem with torture, where then is the line and why is it where you claim?

2) I wrote an article already discussing same sex marriage and in it I asked a very simple question, if same sex marriage is a civil right (as Dave claims here it is) then why would Lynch need language to protect freedom of religion in expanding government's definition of marriage?  I'm not opposed to two men or two women having the same rights my wife and I have, nor does it bother me what they call themselves however I think it's the wrong direction to allow government to grow by expanding it's definition.  Instead the way we should look to go is to get government out of the marriage business altogether.  Let any two people enter a government contract together and get the benefits currently given but leave it to religions to define the word marriage.

3) I don't feel health care is fine the way it is.  I see serious problems with health care but I see the proposals presented by Democrats as being even worse then what we have now.  Look into the problems we're facing in the health care industry today, most if not all of them are created by government.  And we want MORE government control over the industry?  Sorry but again that's the wrong direction to head.

4) Do I really want to be a Republican?  Yes.  I want to be what a REAL Republican stands for.  I want small government, more personal freedom and liberty and I want the federal government's role to stick to what is defined under Article I section 8 of the US Constitution.

All that said I do understand that there are those who disagree with Republicans.  While I don't agree with Dave's desire to have government run health care I understand some want that.  But I have questions back for those who do feel the Democratic party is the "right" one...


1) If you view torture as immoral and wrong then how can you support abortion specifically late term abortion?

2) How can you defend the idea that a child of even 14 can walk into an abortion clinic and get an abortion paid for with the tax dollars of those who oppose it and view it as murder and all this can be done without ever having to notify that little girls parents?

3) For those who felt Bush was an out of control (justly so) how can you not see fault with Obama who is dwarfing the deficit spending of Bush?

4) How can you support a president who lied during his campaign saying he would get us out of Iraq and now is reverting to the same exact plan Bush had in place which he highly criticized while running for office?

5) How can you support a president who claimed when running for office he would give larger tax breaks to those who needed it and now in an effort to cover his out of control spending is not only withdrawing his promise to give tax breaks but is also looking to increase taxes on the poor by pushing for a national sales tax?

6) For those who feel Republicans violate the Constitution, how can you support a president who nominated a judge for the supreme court who has had multiple cases reviewed and turned over by the current supreme court by large majorities and in the one case they didn't turn over found her logic to be faulty?  How can you support someone who would nominate a judge who's rulings have gone against nearly every amendment of the Constitution (working on an article pointing each out, watch for it)?

7) Do you honestly believe the party that helped created most of the problems we see today is the right party to fix them?  Read THIS and THIS for evidence.

I don't fool myself into thinking Republicans are perfect.  They aren't.  There is a LOT I would like to change about the party but when I look at both parties and I compare which party supports the constitution and which party pushes for less spending and more personal liberties I see Republicans beating Democrats hands down.  Where I see a handful of Republicans who go against all of this I only see a handful of Democrat who do support less spending, lower taxes and more personal liberty.  Look at the NHLA ratings if you seek evidence of such.