A Couple Interesting Polls

I was playing around on facebook and stumbled upon a couple polls that facebook uses have created.  Now these are unsolicited polls who collect answers from everyone, not just registered voters so take them for what they are worth.  I do feel they capture a good cross section of real Americans though so I would guess them to be fairly accurate to the feelings of the nation as a whole. 

Also keep in mind that the numbers of people polled range from question to question.  Some have thousands of responses while others have just a few hundred.

Note: The links may not work as I believe you must be registered with facebook to view them.

First question:

Should Marijuana be legal for purchase?
Yes, it is no worse then Beer, or Cigarettes - 77%
No, I think its a gateway drug - 23%

Do you think abortion should be legalized?
yes - 26%
no - 74%

Interesting comment to this last poll question:
I voted "no". But I have bad news for you, it already is legal. I wonder if it would come up again as a vote, wish it would!

Do you approve or disapprove of the job President Obama is doing in office?
Approve - 42%
Undecided - 6%
Disapprove - 52%
Note: 252,093 votes on this last poll

Do you approve of the job Congress is doing?
Approve - 11%

Disapprove - 89%

Do you think Obama is leading America down the road to Socialism?
Yes - 68%
No - 32%

Do you beleive that the federal government should provide universal healthcare to its citizens?
Yes - 38%
No - 63%

Coke or Pepsi?
Coke - 64%
Pepsi - 36%

Should gay marriage be legal?
Yes - 61%
No - 39%

Do you believe in God?
Yes - 74%
No - 19%
Not Sure - 7%

Which Recent US President has done more damage than good?
Ronald Rea
gan - 3%
George H. W. Bush - 3%
Bill Clinton - 7%
George W. Bush - 39%
Barack Obama - 47%

Should Cigarettes be illegal?
Yes!!! They are gross - 30%
No Way!!! Never - 70%

As I said, take these answers for what they are worth but at the very least I find them interesting for discussion.