Libertarians and Computer Programmers

In an article about the Free State Project found HERE I found a rather interesting quote that got me thinking.  In the article they describe the typical Free Stater as:

Many are single men; the majority are computer programmers. They tend to speak in precise diction and with overarching politeness. But at the mention of government, they betray a brimming anger and declare zealous dedication to the Free State Project.

Now being a Constitutionalist who supports minimal government (as described in Article I Section 8 of the Constitution) and a computer programmer I run across many people from political venues as well as many within the computer profession and I don't think this is too far from fact.

I've lost count of how many computer programmers have become nearly to the level of paranoid about government infringement of their rights.  Or how many can be easily lathered into a red in the face tirade with the mention of a couple current events.  But why?

Why is it so many IT professionals feel this way?  Why do they more then other professions tend to lean more toward joining the Free State Project?

I think the answer is actually two fold.

IT professionals more then other fields can work where ever they can connect to the internet.  They just need a wi-fi connection and a lap top and they can go to work.  This allows IT professionals more freedom to move around the country with more freedom as they can do their jobs from anyplace.  So it may not be there are more IT professionals that believe in less government then in other fields but they may be the ones able to move to NH easier then other professions.  This would also explain why, living in NH and working in IT, I tend to meet more libertarian IT professional.

The other thing is that IT professionals are more logical.  Programmers use logic every day.  They use logic to make sure the programs they write do what they want when they expect them to.  Logic however is something that once you've learned it you can carry it over into your everyday life.  This forces Programmers and IT people to become more analytical in everyday life.

For instance, looking at an average story about a new government program different types of people will look at it in different ways.  A person who feels without thinking will simply look at the program and say "hey we really need that" or "that's unnecessary" and will base this on what they feel after reading the article.  A deeper person will read the article and look at facts about the program and question it deeper.  Programmers tend to go the deepest from what I've seen.  I know personally the first thing I look for is how much is the program going to cost and what is the over all effect expected from it.  The second question is usually how is it going to be paid for and who will be the ones paying for it.  The answers to these questions create the logic argument that will either show support or argument against the program in question.

That could be why so many libertarians prefer to get facts and details out to the public and why we see them creating groups like the NH Liberty Alliance that rates based on actual voting records.  They aren't basing on opinion or feelings, they are showing who supports freedom and liberty based on facts and solid evidence.  These are things computer programmers expect in their jobs and libertarians feel are important when selecting our leaders.

This leaves me wondering if I were to look in creating fields of work or professions that deal more in theories and feelings if I'd find more Democrats?