Teacher With Cancer Laid Off

The story of Sarah Robator has now made National news.  For those unfamiliar with the story, Sarah is a Manchester first grade teacher.  The school board choose to eliminate 78 positions from the district, one of which being hers.

Now normally the fact that a school board cut back due to declining enrollment and loss of state or federal aid isn't that major a story.  Happens all the time.  In fact Sarah had only been teaching in Manchester for 2 years so if teachers were going to be cut usually it would make sense to eliminate the less experienced teachers and keep the more proven ones.

What makes this story unique is Sarah is suffering from leukemia.  What makes this story worse is that the school district called her in the hospital to break the news.

In a phone interview with CNN Sarah admitted the first question that came to her when she was diagnosed was "Will I be able to go back to school?" Her first thoughts were about the kids.  That says something about her dedication and commitment to what she does.  And now that was taken away from her leaving her with climbing medical bills and nothing to go back to.

The question I post to everyone reading is after learning of a story like that of Sarah Robator, getting laid off at such a bad time in her life, what do you personally do?

Are you one of those who read this and just shrug it off uneffected?  Does it upset you?  Do you feel you want to do something but aren't sure what you can do?

I'm a strong believer that the best of a person is shown in how they handle the worst situations so I'm challenging my readers to show me their best.  While there are several ways that you can help Sarah I would suggest helping her by helping to find a cure.

Sarah has a fund set up in her name which you can find HERE.  At the time of my writing this she has already had $5,837 donated in her name to the leukemia research foundation, I'd like to see $10,000 donated in her name.

Perhaps you, like myself, know someone who has died from cancer.  Perhaps you yourself suffer from it or know someone currently suffering.  Donations to research, while not helping her current situation directly will help us get one step further to not having anyone face this situation in the future.  It helps us get one step closer to never having to lose someone you love.

So ask yourself, are you the type of person who reads this story and then goes on with your life or are you one of the better people who actually seek to make a difference, who actually helps people without having to be forced to do so by Government?  Let's see what your made of people!