School Morals

I think all school children should be required as part of their lessen plans to read the new testiment.  They should all be required to learn about Jesus and the morals he preached.

Before reading any further take a moment to think about this above statement and see how you really feel about it.

Formed an opinion?  Good...

The above situation is of course not a true statement as I do not feel morality of any level is a subject for public schools to teach.  That is something better left for parents as we each have our own morality beliefs.

The reason I gave that example and asked you to form an opinion on it is so I can give a true example which you can now look at with the same view you took on the above example.

In Chicago, high schools have a book on their reading list titled "The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian" which has crude language and a detailed scene involving masturbation.

The school district feels that since they are ok with children reading and learning about graphic sexual acts that everyone else should as well.  Its a question of morality here and who should have final say on what is best in any child's interest.

The only defense I've seen so far back is that they are likely to learn about this stuff from other kids or on the streets anyway or that they hear worse listening to Lady Gaga CDs.  Is that really a defense?  If so then clearly you don't have a problem with the morality of Jesus taught in schools either since kids might hear about it from friends in school or if they listen to a Stryper CD.