9-11 Theories Wont Go Away

I've read a number of theories about 9-11 ranging from wild theories that missiles with holograms to make them look like planes were what actually hit the twin towers to theories that the government was involved in planning the attacks.  Even now theories are popping up even on this very site.

Part of the problem with most of the theories is they don't answer the basic questions of who, what, why and how and in fact most of them create new questions.  For instance I saw a claim that the 9-11 attack allowed Bush to pass the patriot act.  Ok, but what was the intent behind it?  And why if it was some master plan under Bush is Obama pushing it even further then Bush did?  Is Obama in on it?

Here are some questions I would love to see answered by 9-11 truthers.

How does the 1993 bombing fit into your theories?

Being as there was an attempt in 1993 to bomb the towers does this somehow imply or prove that Clinton was involved as well?

If Clinton was involved what was his motive?

Since most of the theories involve building 7 being taken down by explosives and being that there was a past attack on the towers using explosives then why bother with planes at all?

Why, if in fact Bush planned 9-11 to give cause to invade Iraq, where there no direct links back to Iraq?

Since many theories believe that Bush used 9-11 to pass the patriot bill and begin wire tapping and now Obama is expanding wire tapping instead of eliminating it does this implicate that somehow Obama is in on it?

Why were there no witnesses at all who can come forward to saying they saw the explosives being planted and why when the rubble was sifted through was there no evidence of explosives found?

The more I read of the theories the more they don't add up.  These questions are just a few that rise from reading the different theories about how 9-11 was an inside job.  And the more you read of them the more you need to suspend reality in order to buy into them as they raise more and more questions.

Bush was a bumbling idiot yet every theory out there implies he was a mastermind who was able to pull off one of the most complex plots of all time, a plot that had to involve countless others who planted the explosives and helped carry it all off yet no one has come forward admitting to it.  Sorry but it just doesn't add up.