A One Issue Party

I frequently read left wing web sites because I like to know what the other side is thinking.  Blue Hampshire is a good peek into what the Democrats of NH see as important and their side of the arguments.  Just today I peeked over to see if I could find discussions of any of the hot issues and see what the left wing perspective is and surprisingly I could only find discussions on one topic.

Nothing about the growing deficit hole we're seeing at both the state and federal levels (all currently controlled by Democrats).

Nothing about the discussions whether or not to legalize gambling.

Nothing about legalization of medical marijuana.

Nothing about the bill this week that would allow drinking in cigar bars (oh the irony on that one).

Nothing about Sotomayor.

In fact nearly the only topic I could find discussion on was same sex marriage.  It's an interesting topic and all, I wrote about it myself, but seriously is that the ONLY issue Democrats are seeing as important right now?  With their party in full control of the state and the growing deficit problems don't you think there would be at least a few articles discussing their plan to get out of the hole they've dug for us all?

Here are a few of the headlines they currently have on the font page:

Fringe Benefits - Discussing a man's move to CT because they allowed same sex marriage

Part One: Some New Hampshire Heroes of Equality - Crediting those who helped fight for same sex marriage

"Pedophile", "Same-Sex Marriage" - Discussing the fact that the Union Leader had an article about a pedophile next to the picture of Lynch signing the same sex marriage bill

Public Service and the Public - About you guessed it, same sex marriage

Momentum - About the New York Times' coverage of NH's same sex marriage

Mo Baxley: A NH Hero - All about her leadership on same sex marriage equality

About Darryl, And About Every Couple -- One By One - You guessed it, same sex marriage equality

Proudest Moment - Same sex marriage

HB73 Passes!!! - Same sex marriage passes

Live Update from Rally at the State House - Continual coverage of the same sex marriage bill debate

Wedding Day Open Thread - All about same sex marriage

In the mix of all those articles were 4 other articles, two of which were about Ann McLane Kuster choosing to run for Hodes' seat, one was about Mark Fernald announcing he would run for Hodes' seat and the last was about Hodes teaming up with Republican Cynthia Lummus from WY on a plan to allow property tax to be deductible from federal taxes.  That means of the 4 articles not focusing on same sex marriage, 3 of the 4 or 75% were merely campaigning and not focusing on any real issues at all.

Is same sex marriage such an important issue that it should dominate their discussions with so much else currently going on in the state and federal governments?

Equality between homosexuals and heterosexuals is great but homosexuals make up anywhere from an  estimated 1% to 10% of the population depending on which study you believe.  The more accurate studies put that number between 1% and 3% of the population, mentioning that the more often quoted 10% figure is actually a misquote of Alfred Kinsey's research with no real evidence supporting it.

The state budget, the growing deficit, the rising unemployment at both the state and federal levels are all issues that impact EVERYONE in this state as apposed to an issue that impacts maybe 4% (and that would assume every single homosexual in the state actually did want to marry), wouldn't you think the controlling party would be discussing these larger issues?  Ignoring the 3 campaigning articles, only one article actually had a discussion about thing that would impact everyone in this state and it was basically saying Hodes is piggy-backing on to an idea a Republican came up with because he knows property tax relief will win him votes back here in NH since we don't have income or sales taxes.

I really hope voters are paying attention to this.  I really hope voters are watching the Democrat party and where they are focusing their attention when there are real issues before us.