New Taxes On The Way - And No Public Hearing (sorry no time)

NH Watchdog calls attention to some currently over looked discussions at the state house in and article found HERE.  With the budget increasing from $1 Billion to $1.2 billion the state is left struggling how to pay for the increased spending.  Considering they feel short in collecting what was necessary to cover the last budget, adding an additional $200,000,000 isn't going to help any.

Of course doing what the Democrats in power do best they are looking into more and more ways to tax you without your really noticing.

NH Business Review wrote:

Taxing mortgage refinancings and limited liability company distributions are two ideas being considered as “third way” taxes that aren’t specifically referred to in the House and Senate versions of the budget but may help lawmakers reach a compromise on the spending package, Rep. Marjorie Smith, chair of the New Hampshire House Finance Committee confirmed Thursday.


The New Hampshire Bankers Association and the Mortgage Bankers and Brokers Association of New Hampshire also have raised concerns.

The Realtors are raising objections now because there may not be enough time to raise them later, said Bob Quinn, director of government relations for the organization.

It’s already June 5. Is there enough time to have a fair hearing on this, or is it something slipped in at midnight behind closed doors?” said Quinn.

And when asked if there is enough time for a fair hearing on this proposal the response was...

No, there isn’t enough time for a public hearing said Smith.

“There is no acceptable alternative to this [the budget] being approved by the end of June,” she said. “If I had my choice I would sit and talk and take a lot of time to analyze it.”

Funny how much time we've had to discuss same sex marriage.  Democrats had plenty of time to discuss a matter that impacts roughly 4% of the population but taxes that will have impact on the entire state.. sorry no time.

I could go on and on but the response by NH Watchdog on their own site sums it up eloquently in a single statement:

Imagine if the Governor and House and Senate Finance Committees took this much time and effort to cut state spending instead of concentrating on "revenues".

Well said!