The 25 9-11 Conspiracy Theory Questions Answered

In the last 9-11 conspiracy article I wrote, Ryan Towers posted a list of 25 questions which he claimed are proof of the conspiracy.  I would like to address all 25 questions here and show why the conspiracy theories do not hold water.  The questions are worded as Ryan posted and not twisted in any way in my words.

I'd also like to thank Ryan for the questions.  Intelligent thought out challenges and debate which question pre formed ideas are always welcome here and in any of my articles.

1.) Why are 9 hijackers still alive?

This myth stems back to a BBC article in which they attempted to find and interview the families of the hijackers.  In finding people with the same names this was taken as "proof" that the hijackers are still alive.  Sorry but that doesn't float.

Other pieces of known evidence debunks this myth as well.  For instance there is video footage of the hijackers in the airports boarding the planes.  There was also the cell phone calls from within the planes reporting the hijacking and describing what was happening.

2.) Why did scientists find military grade nano thermite in the dust of the towers?

The theories involved thermite have been successfully debunked.  Here is one such link that explains in detail.

And in fact the whole claim the nano thermite was found is false.  This stems back to a claim from Professor Steve Jones that elements associated with thermite were found, not actual thermite.  You can read the details HERE.  Including Professor Jones' actual findings.

3.) Why was the hole in the pentagon about 80 square feet short of being able to fit a Boeing 757?

Simple answer, because the entire plane did not fit through the side of the building as they broke off when the plane first hit the ground. 

HERE you can find a list of detailed photos of the crash site showing bits and pieces of the plane.  As reported on (with links), witnesses reported that the plane actually hit the ground first.  Snopes also provides wider pictures most conspiracy theory sites do not provide that show the damage actually caused by the wings.

4.) Why did the President allow over 20 members of the Bin Laden family to fly around the United States on the day of September 11th? LITERALLY AT THE SAME TIME OSAMA WAS BEING BLAMED BY MAINSTREAM MEDIA.

Bin Laden's family are not suspects in 9-11.  His sister for instance is attempting to make a name for herself as a singer.  She is free to travel into and out of this any many other countries.

This question is the equivalent of saying why are the brothers and sisters of Clark Rockefeller still free to walk around while liberally the media is broadcasting his trial.  It's silly and proves nothing since they aren't suspects.

5.) Why was the Pakistani ISI Chief having breakfeast with two United States Senators on the morning of 9/11? This same man wired the accused "hijacker" Mohamedd Atta $100,000 on September 10th. And why wasnt he questioned?

Heads of states happen to be meeting?  Again what does this prove?  Any given day in Washington you will find meetings with various heads of states, senators, congressmen etc.  A coincidental meeting does not prove a conspiracy.

Joe Biden admits that he too meet with Mahmoud Ahmad days after 9-11 as well, is that proof that he and Obama are in on it?

6.) Why was NORAD ( who was responsible for defending our airspace ) conducting a military excersise that involved terrorists hijacking commercial aircraft and flying them into the World Trade Center?

This question actually distorts the real events into something completely new.

In Sept of 2001 NORAD was conducting a test and I quote "The Russian exercise involves its bombers staging a mock attack against NATO planes that are supposedly planning an assault on Russia. [BBC, 2001, pp. 161; NORAD, 9/9/2001; Washington Times, 9/11/2001]"

On Sept 11th NORAD officials confused the real life events that were occurring with that exercise.  It was human stupidity, not conspiracy.

7.) Why did the CIA visit Bin Laden in Dubai while he was on dialysis in an American Hospital?

The CIA have denied this has ever happen and I'm not aware of any proof of it actually happening.  Simply claiming that it did is not proof.

If this did happen then who were the to CIA agents?  What date did they have this meeting?  What evidence is there of it ever taking place?

This is a perfect example of the flaws with most conspiracy theories, they question things like the plane hitting the pentagon despite the pictures of plane wreckage, the eye witnesses, the fact that relatives knew people on the plane etc etc etc and yet they believe things like this secrete CIA meeting with no evidence to support it.

My guess is this theory came once again from distorted facts.

William Safire asserted in a November 2001 New York Times article that in mid-May, 2001,
 two of Saddam Hussein's secret service agents arrived at the clinic of Dr. Mohammed
Khayal, Baghdad's leading kidney specialist. "The doctor hurriedly packed a bag and was escorted to a government
car. Three days later, he was returned, and the building was soon abuzz with the word that Saddam's
Dr. Khayal had been to Afghanistan where his patient was Osama bin Laden."

I don't find it hard to believe that the CIA agent theory came from a distorted telling of the "secrete service agents"

8.) Why does the CIA and the FBI have so many intimate connections to every terrorist attack that has taken place in America the past 20 years?

The same reason police have connections to street gangs, it's their job.  They infiltrate and gather information.

9.) Why did the news channel BBC report that building No. 7 fell twenty minutes before it even fell down?

This would imply that the BBC news agency was somehow in on it.  With all these people involved why are there no leaks?  Why is no one coming forward admitting their part?

This too was explained and once again never blame on conspiracy that what can be explained by human error.  Here is the BBC's own explanation of what happened:

What about the incorrect reporting of the collapse of Tower 7? Having talked to key eyewitnesses who were actually at Ground Zero that day it is clear that, as early as midday, the fire service feared that Tower 7 might collapse.


"On 11 September 2001 Reuters incorrectly reported that one of the buildings at the New York World Trade Center, 7WTC, had collapsed before it actually did. The report was picked up from a local news story and was withdrawn as soon as it emerged that the building had not fallen."

It was clear to those there on the ground that the building was damaged and was going to fall.  Reporters confused by the information thought they said it already fell.

10.) Why did the FBI ignore over 30 WARNINGS from other countries and allied governments?


Don't forget that Bill Clinton decentralized much of our intelligence community and created walls blocking information from getting from one department to another.  The fact that one group had information and never acted on it links back to Bill Clinton who I would argue was very incompetent but I don't think he was evil to the point of being in on such a conspiracy.

11.) Why wont the FBI release the footage of the Pentagon crash? And put a rest to all conspiracies in one day?

Why wont the FBI release security footage of the most secure building in the nation?  The building in which our military secretes are held?  Do you even have to seriously ask that one?

Heck before this last few weeks I'd say why don't you ask the government to release detailed documents of where all our nukes are complete with maps as you'd be just as likely to get that information but oops, Obama "accidently" published it all to the web.

12.) Why was George Bush's brother repsonsible for security of the buildings until the day before 9/11?

This is a false claim.  The Port Authority was responsible for security of the WTC, not the company Marvin Bush worked for.

13.) Why were bomb sniffing dogs removed from security about a week before 9/11? At the request of Marvin Bush.

Actually "loose change" claims it was 5 days before. But the fact of the matter is this too was an incorrect claim.  Not ALL the bomb sniffing dogs were removed.

The source of this claim is a Newsday quote from Daria Coard, a guard at the North Tower.  In the weeks prior there were a number of fire drills in the towers.  This prompted additional security and additional dogs to be brought in (this extra security would have been present during the time the bombs would need to have been planted).  Daria's quote included mentioning that they were working 12 hours days as a result of the extra drills.  Once the drills were complete the extra dogs were "abruptly" pulled and security guards resumed their regular schedule.

Even assuming it were true does it prove anything?  No.

Look at true demolition.  The Hudson building (439 ft) in Detroit currently is the record holder for controlled demolition (which theories claim the WTC was since it fell straight down).  That took 12 men 24 days solid of packing explosives to prepare it.

WTC 7 was 570 ft and the two towers were 1,368 ft.

For the towers to have been taken down in the 5 days they would have needed a huge team of explosive experts, and no one noticed this?  And assuming it wasn't a huge team then the explosives would have had to have been planted starting long before the bomb sniffing dogs were ever removed.

14.) Why were the fires, that supposedly weakened the steel frame of the building. emitting black smoke the entire time after explosion? Black smoke indicates a very weak, oxygen starved fire.

Black smoke = oxygen starved fire is again false and is debunked with photos of fires emitting black smoke shown HERE.

15.) Why did Rudy Guiliani know about 30 minutes before building No. 7 collapsed? He even told reporters while leaving his office in the building.

This goes hand and hand with the answer to #9, those on the ground saw the damage building 7 took.  They were aware of its structural integrity failing.

16.) Why have we not convicted anyone? Except for Khaleid Sheikh Mohamedd who the mainstream media reported that our forces had killed him about 4 times before the "confession" after he was waterboarded over 180 times.

The 19 terrorists who carried it out are dead, very little hope of a conviction there.

Other terrorists have been caught and are held in places like Gitmo without trials.  Without a trial there can be no conviction.

Is this proof of a conspiracy?  No.  It's an on going argument between Republicans and Democrats about the civil rights of terrorists caught in battle fields and whether or not they should be awarded US Constitutional rights.

17.) Why did every building fall completely to the ground in less then 10 seconds? When EVERY demolition expert says that is scientifically impossible during a "pancake collapse."

This is wrong on two counts.  First there are demolition experts that disagree making it a false claim to say "EVERY".  Secondly and more importantly the towers didn't pancake collapse.  HERE you will find a very specific explanation of the collapse along with detailed pictures showing sagging floors prior to the collapse and showing the bowing of the floors increasing over a period of time.

18.) Why have no other buildings ever in history collapsed due to fire? NOT ONE BUILDING IN HISTORY. I REPEAT, NOT ONE BUILDING IN HISTORY. Some steel buildings have actually burned for OVER 40 HOURS STRAIGHT without collapsing.

This was not a simple fire.  Planes with jet fuel crashed full speed into the middle of the two towers destroying several of the middle floors.

That said I wish I had taken a picture when I saw this.  Along route 101A in Nashua there was a building that had burned to the ground.  This simple fire caused a steel girder to melt and bend down in it's center by a good 3 to 4 feet.  Just seeing this proved to me that steel can be severely weakened by a simple fire.

This question leads to follow up questions for those who believe the towers were blown up.

19.) Why did the commission report refuse to even mention building No. 7? Not a word.

Again, this fact alone is not proof of a conspiracy.  What was the task of the commission?  Not to look into structural details of the buildings but to analyze how we missed this coming and what we can do to prevent it again.  Besides, anyone who has ever sat in on a local committee meeting can tell you what a joke most government commission and committees are.

This question is the equivalent of asking why when you brought your car in for the exhaust to be looked over did they not notice the problem with the breaks... the answer is because the breaks were outside the scope of what you ask the mechanic to look at.

20.) Why did we go to war with Iraq and not Saudi Arabia?

If 9-11 was planned to allow us to go to war with Iraq then why did we fabricate links to Afghanistan (assuming you believe it was fabricated) and not links to Iraq?

We had fought wars against Iraq under every single one of the prior 3 presidents without the need for a major attack to drum up support for the war.  Claiming this was reason for Bush to go back to war again doesn't hold up.

21.) Why does the Bush family have so many ties to the Bin Laden family? Dating back to, literally, the 1970's.

Bush family also had ties back to Hitler, does that prove Bush was responsible for Pearl Harbor as well?

The Bush family is a rich oil family, the Bin Laden family is a rich oil family.  Is it shocking that there would be connections between the two?  No.  And going back to the earlier Bin Laden family question, the Bin Laden family are not suspects.  Osama Bin Laden is.

Also this would imply one of two things... either the Democratic party as a whole was also in on this or the Democrats are such complete idiots that they are seeing all of this around them and didn't think twice about it.

22.) Why does the CIA admit that false flag terrorism is the most effective way to coerce the populous into supporting a war and giving up their freedoms?

They can admit that putting a gun to someone's head is the most effective way to get them to give up their wallets too but it doesn't prove that the CIA is behind every armed robbery that takes place.  This is what would be called circumstantial evidence.

23.) Why are their CIA DOCUMENTS that admit, over the years, that they have staged terrorist attacks around the world? And blamed them on whoever was politically convenient?

I did a google search and while I find a number of sites making this claim I cannot find examples of the documents themselves.

I find this similar to what I mentioned earlier, conspiracy theorists will not accept certain facts without solid proof to back them up, such as demanding the footage of the pentagon attack, but yet they accept other claims without seeing the solid facts for themselves.

I don't doubt that over the years we have staged attacks.  We've run nuclear tests against our own troops exposing them to deadly radiation too.  But that is circumstantial evidence and does not prove a conspiracy in this case.

24.) What was Bin Ladens motive? Obviously not money. Jealous of our freedom? What a joke.

Osama Bin Laden is a religious extremist.  You'd only have to listen to one or two of his statements to understand this.  He wants non Muslims to all die.  Here are a couple quotes from him that support this:

"We should fully understand our religion. Fighting is a part of our religion and our Sharia [an Islamic legal code]. Those who love God and his Prophet and this religion cannot deny that. Whoever denies even a minor tenet of our religion commits the gravest sin in Islam."

" . . . It is far better for anyone to kill a single American soldier than to squander his efforts on other activities." -- May 1998

"Hostility toward America is a religious duty, and we hope to be rewarded for it by God . . . . I am confident that Muslims will be able to end the legend of the so-called superpower that is America. Time Magazine

"We declared jihad against the US government, because the US government is unjust, criminal and tyrannical. It has committed acts that are extremely unjust, hideous and criminal whether directly or through its support of the Israeli occupation." - Osama bin Laden - to CNN in March 1997

25.) Why are over 1,000 proffessional Architects and Engineers saying that the Commission Report was a scientific joke?

This is a rather interesting claim because there is no real way to validate it.  I've also seen different numbers of professionals lists ranging from around 200 on up to 1,000.

I can show thousands of "professionals" who believe Elvis is still alive and among us even though there are actual photos taken of his autopsy (I wont supply the link because it would lack class but you can find them on the web).

What is even more telling here are the few who's names I have managed to find happen to also be associated with books or videos in which they pitch their claims.  In other words they have clear motives by seeking a profit from the gullible.

The more I read questions like the ones above the more questions back to the theorists I have and the more their theories fail to add up.

Here is my own list of questions back which I would like to see answered in return by those who believe the conspiracy.

1) What was the motive behind our government's plotting 9-11?

2) If it was to attack Iraq then a) why not create direct links back to Iraq? b) why was this needed at all given the history we've had with Iraq and the fact that 3 presidents prior to Bush have all waged wars with or in Iraq?

3) How do you account for the 1993 bombing of the WTC?  And for that matter the other terror attacks such as the attack on the USS Cole?

4) Given the fact that the WTC was bombed in WTC then why would it make sense to bomb the buildings again while going through all the extra effort of crashing planes into the buildings?

5) Why bomb WTC 7 and raise suspicions if they were planning to use planes?

6) How did they crash the planes in the first place?

7) Why both crashing 3 other planes then using a missile at the pentagon?

8) What happened to the real flight 77 if it was in fact a missile that hit the pentagon?

9) How do you account for the eye witnesses who saw a plan hit the pentagon and the photos that clearly show parts of a plane at the site?

10) How did they get all the explosives planted in the WTC buildings without a single witness or any raises suspensions?

11) Considering how many people from every level of the government would need to have been involved to carry this off, how can you accept that there hasn't been a single person coming forward admitting to their part in it?

12) How can you accept claims without any evidence to support them and yet demand evidence before you are willing to believe it such as the demand to see the security footage of the pentagon?

13) Hasn't the fact that most of the conspiracy theory sites pitch books or videos for sale strike you as odd?  Or at least put it into the same questionable category of those who sell the books on Ghosts and UFOs who often times years later admit to having lied or faked their own evidence to sell more books?

14) As I asked in my answers to the questions, are the Democrats in on it or are they that stupid that all this went on around them and they were unaware?

15) This took place just 9 months into Bush's presidency and had "evidence" that went back well under the Clinton administration.  What was Clinton's role in all of this and what was his motivation?

16) Why did they bother to crash the plane into the field in PA?

17) How do you account for the evidence on the 19 terrorists such as their taking flight lessons?

18) How do you account for the cell phone calls from within the planes that mention the hijacking?

19) Joe Biden admits that he too meet with Mahmoud Ahmad days after 9-11 as well, is that proof that he and Obama are in on it?


For the conspiracies to be true the ball had to have started rolling under Clinton.  He worked with Bush to come up with a plan to attack Iraq but frame another country for the attack and link to terrorists from a 3rd country all together.  They somehow decided it would make sense to crash 3 planes, two into the towers and one into a field in PA and then to use a missile which they claimed to be a 4th plane to hit the pentagon.  On top of using remote controls to take over the planes and guide them into the two towers and the field they also put bombs in the two towers and a 3rd unrelated building.  This was all done by the two political groups that cannot agree on same sex marriage, health care or nearly anything else and the Democratic party after being in on this whole thing then turned around and claimed to be against the very war that they helped lay the theoretical ground work for.

This makes more sense to you then the simple explanation that 19 religious extremists from a terrorist organization that has been carrying out attacks for decades including a prior attack on the WTC took over 4 planes and crashed them?