Republicans Are Afraid Obama Will Succeed

Today there was an editorial in the Telegraph written by Fred Morse entitled "Republicans fearful Obama will succeed", you can read it in full HERE.  Most living in Merrimack recognize Fred's name as one of the more outspoken Democrats in Merrimack who writes this type of letter nearly on a weekly basis, so it's clear his letter is intended to be a partisan slam piece but while his reasoning leaves a lot to be desired his over all premise is correct.  Republicans are afraid Obama will Succeed.

It's the at what will he succeed that Fred doesn't seem to get.

In January 2009, all 117 Republican members of the House of Representative voted "no" on the economic stimulus legislation.


The Republicans voted "no" because they perceived that if the plan proceeded, the credit for getting America back onto its economic feet would go deservedly to Obama and the Democrats in Congress.

Wrong Fred.  Republicans voted no because the bill takes money from those who work and give it to those who don't.  It creates temporary make work jobs (you can see some here in NH were they are repaving highways that were perfectly fine prior to their work).  It increases American's reliance on government.

But Fred attempts to defend his claim with this statement:

The Republicans are now further concerned that things are looking a little too good for America with advances in the stock markets, modest gains in 401k accounts and poll results indicating that the majority of Americans favor the stimulus package.

Things are looking a little too good right now?

I'm sorry but my 401k while having a SMALL bounce back has not come anywhere near recovering and as for the claim that the majority of Americans favor the stimulus package?  Well get me some of what he's smoking because I'm not seeing those results in the polls I read.

Rassmussen Polls show that 60% of Americans oppose another stimulus.  And only 31% of Americans see the current stimulus as having actually helped.  In another poll (also quoted in that last link) taken by Doug Schoen shows that a majority of 56% of Americans oppose the notion that the government should spend money to stimulate the economy.

So while he is correct that Republicans fear Obama will succeed he doesn't understand why.  We do not want to see more people rely on the government.  While Democrats see government "helping" more people as success Republicans do not, we see the more people dependent on government and the less people being independent as failure.  While Democrats see Health Care run by government as they have in Canada, Europe, Mexico etc as success, Republicans see that as failure.  When we look at the performance of Health Care in those countries compared to ours we don't see improvements, we see failure.  Democrats do not view the Constitution as Republicans do, while Republicans see the letter of the law, Democrats see a "living" document that can change as times change.  They see success in being able to ban guns and allowing kids to get abortions without the need for their parents ever knowing.  Republicans see that as failure as we watch our Constitutional rights being stripped away and our parental rights stripped away.

So yes we are afraid Obama will succeed because that will mean all the values we see as making America great will be gone.