How We All Think

How each of us think about things and how we each draw conclusions is very telling as to what type of person each of us is.

This could not be better demonstrated when I was reading one of the articles posted today on Blue Hampshire.  The article titled "A Dramatic Rethinking of State Government" starts by pointing out the $550 million budget hole that NH under a full Democratic controlled government has dug itself into.  The article arrives at this figure by quoting an article from the Union Leader which claims that the next budget cycle will be the worst.

That budget will start out with a $550 million hole, estimates Steve Norton of the New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Research, who gets to that number by tallying up about $450 million in federal stimulus money, primarily for education programs and Medicaid, plus the $110 million the state plans to seize from a state-established medical malpractice fund. (That seizure effort is now tied up in court.)

Charlie Arlinghaus of the conservative Josiah Bartlett Center calls it a "close to $600 million hole." He factors in the same things Norton does plus $50 million in "revenue sharing" aid to cities and towns that the state suspended for this budget cycle.

"I think the next budget will be dramatically worse than the current budget," Arlinghaus said.

Lawmakers of both parties openly acknowledge the obstacle.

Bascially we've spent above and beyond our means with borrowed money, put off items in the budget and used smoke and mirrors to hold things together.  It will make things interesting for Lynch should he choose to run again.

The article later goes on to poise a statement which raises question..

The next budget, Norton said, may require a dramatic rethinking of state government.

The question is what kind of a dramatic rethinking?

Now that's the question isn't it.  That's the question that separates the men from the boys.  It's the question that goes right to the heart.

This is also the question that separates Republicans from Democrats, as the Blue Hampshire article proves.

The easy cuts have already been made and spending that can be deferred has been.  In fact the later is what is causing the growing problem.  To help mask the new spending, Democrats in Concord have put off a lot of spending on items that can wait.  This is all the boy stuff, but now it's time for men.  Something "drastic" needs to be done and usually in politics that means something that people will actually notice and chances are one side or the other will not like.

Of course Democrats look at this and see it as the chance they've been waiting for... no not to streamline government, start true eliminations of unnecessary departments and spending... nope, that's Republican thinking.  Democrats see this as a way to centralize power taking it away from the people and giving it to the government and of course to force new taxes on you.

From Blue Hampshire:

Now we're talking. Maybe change some aspects of county government, eliminate the executive council, and of course, maybe, just maybe, taking off the Pledge shackles and thinking about having the state's wealthy pay their fair share?

Democrats, always looking for new ways and reasons to get your money!