Democrats Fear of Open Carry

As I'm sure you are all well aware by now, Obama came to NH to pitch his socialized health care sceme.  A number of people I know went, not because they were being paid as you continue to hear Democrats imply but because they strongly object to what is being forced on them and want their opinions heard.  Many others I know wanted to attend and hold signs or speak out against the President's plan but had to work.

Democrats however will do everything they can to avoid discussing the message of what's being said and instead focus on insignificant things.  For instance, one protestor holding a sign which clearly was against Obama was open carrying a pistol.  The details of the story can be found HERE.  As a result of his open carrying the pistol in plain sight Democrats went into a spin of fear mongering.  There's even mention of it right now on the front page of and the questions of whether or not he was arrested quickly came up.

What is important in the details is that this man was 100% legal in what he was doing.  No laws were broken.  But it's the president, you may think... ask yourself this though, is the president that far above all of us that just having him in the same state is reason enough to suspend Constitutional rights?  We've already lost our freedom of speech and freedom to petition the government for redress of grievance.  We have a constitutional right to carry a gun, that is a fact.

The real question for democrats is what if he was concealed carrying?  If he had the proper permits he could just as easily had that same gun that put fear into democrats all over the state, hidden under his shirt or under his pant leg.  How do you know there aren't even more people on a daily basis even so close as to shake hands that do not have a gun on their person? 

Do you think that if this man intended harm to the president that he would walk up with the gun in sight for all to see?  Did Hinckley have his gun visible while he waited the hour before shooting Reagan?  Of course not.  If he did someone would have seen him withdraw it and begin to aim before the shots range out.  Did the shooter or shooters who shot and killed Kennedy have their guns in plain view?  If they did we'd have known who did it and how many shooters were involved.

Someone openly carrying a gun, even openly carrying a gun near the president, is not something we should be overly fearful of.  I don't fear the weapon I'm aware of, I fear the one I'm NOT aware of. 

Alas, Democrats need stories like this because it is the only way they have to distract from the details.  They need to make you think that only those fringe extremists are the ones objecting to Obama's plans and by villainizing someone who broke no laws, simply because he was a scary man with a gun, they can distract away from the true discussions.