Democrats Defense?

I've been witnessing a strange occurrence here in NH.  Democrats control all branches of the state and federal government.  They are 100% in control and have the ability to get all the things they claim this country has needed put into place.

With their being 100% in control of every level of government they also are running out of ways to blame Republicans.  Sure we'll see Democrats continue to blame Bush for every problem for the next four years but how long before people say, enough with the blame, where's the solutions?

Look at NH.  When Benson left office NH had a surplus in the state budget, we had a decent economy and life was good.  People had little to complain about however Democrats found ways to complain anyway.  They complained the state wasn't property funding its infrastructure and education.

Since Lynch has taken over and Democrats gained control of both houses, we've seen our surplus disappear and our state government has gone into crisis mode because of deficit spending which is due mostly to the double digit spending increases Democrats have implemented.  And while it's no longer the front page story the education funding "crisis" has yet to be fully solved.  The poor, whom Democrats claim to help, are getting shafted now more then ever with the state having increased meals taxes to 9% and several other fees across the board.  The increase in minimum wage implemented last year has directly corresponded to a decrease in the number of minimum wage jobs available.

Obama admittedly had an economic meltdown already started under Bush (and the Democratic house and senate) but he assured the American public that his stimulus package would give us the boost needed to turn things around.  Not only has he failed to deliver but things have gotten worse then he said they would be if he did not act.

Democrats have meanwhile pushed legislation that continues to fail and create bigger and bigger problems.  They passed a law requiring kids under the age 18 to be kept in school even if they do not want to be there and cause disruptions for those trying to learn.  This was an attempt to curb drop out rates which it hasn't.  They continue at around 4%.

Democrats passed legislation that now allows children, little girls, ages 14 or 15 to walk into a planned parenthood and get an abortion without their parents even knowing about it.

And while all this is happening they continue to point the finger at the republicans saying see they caused the problems we're trying to fix.  And yet the problems continue to grow.  At what point will they say, the Democrat solutions aren't working?