How Much Do You Pay In Taxes?

Have you ever stopped to think about how much you pay to the government?  What do you get in return?

Stop for a moment and start adding up what you pay in any given year to the federal, state and local branches of the government.

Add up what you pay in property tax.  Add what you pay in income tax and social security tax.  Add in any sales taxes, meals taxes, hotel room taxes.  Add the cost of tolls, gas tax and license and registration fees.  Add in the cost of permits.  Add in the cost of stamps and postage.  Add in any fines you get during the year.

Are you at a staggering number yet?  I started adding together every single tax, fee etc that I pay and stopped a little over $25,000 because I found there are far too many little taxes hidden here and there.  I suspect if I kept adding them I would have passed $40,000 for what my family pays per year, perhaps even more then $50,000.

The Tax Foundation finds that Americans pay more in taxes per year then they do for food, clothing and housing combines.

I'm just putting this out there for food for though and ask that you try to add up your own personal taxes to see what you pay.  After you do ask yourself whether you think we need more or less government?

The big reason they get away with taxing us as much as they do is that no one realizes how much they pay out.  It's 80 cents here for a meals tax on a happy meal or $4 as the tax you pay when filling your gas tank.  If people on average knew how much total they all paid I think you'd see a full scale tax revolt.  So start adding and think about it.