10 Random Facebook Polls

I enjoy taking and watching the polls on facebook.  They tend to be made up of a decent cross section of America and give a good insight to what most normal people think.

Here are 10 polls I found this week:

1) Do you approve of Barack Obama's health care legislation?

779 votes

26% yes
71% no
3% maybe

2) Should prostitution be legalized and taxed?

770 votes

65% yes
35% no

3) Should marijuana be legalized?

12435 votes

24% yes
22% no
16% only for medical purposes
38% yes, but with an age requirement like alcohol

4) Did Former President George W. Bush Do A Good Job, Or At Least Try.

3824 votes

47% yes
53% no

5) Do you feel safer from terrorists now that Obama is President?

2904 votes

17% yes
83% no

6) Has Obama been a good president in his first few months of office?

529 votes

34% yes
66% no

7) Should Bush Administration officials be investigated and prosecuted for violating the Geneva Conventions by torturing war detainees?

785 votes

49% yes
51% no

8) Is the U.S. finally winning the war in Iraq?

1271 votes

42% yes
35% no
23% undecided

9) Has House Speaker Nancy done a good job

525 votes

6% yes
94% no

10) Should Abortion Be illegalized

936 votes

42% yes
58% no

Each of these poll questions can be a solid debate point in and of itself.  The one thing they say to me is that Democrats are making the same mistakes Republicans did under Bush.  They are incorrectly assuming that the public voted for them.  You can see above that over all people are not all that positive on the Bush administration but they are even more critical of Obama.  The overwhelming majority object to his health care plan and even fewer feel he is doing enough to keep this country safe.

Based on the writing on the wall its going to be an interesting next few years.