Protecting Molesters Over Children

When Democrats changed the state abortion laws to allow children to get abortions without their parents ever knowing about it many of us, myself included, argued that this was protecting criminals.  If an adult molested a 13 or 14 year old girl he would be able to cover his actions by taking her for an abortion should she get impregnated.

Democrats claimed this was about choice and not about protecting criminals, well that argument went out the window with the bill introduced by Strafford State Representative Jennifer Brown.  Rep Brown introduced a bill to have the least dangerous sex offenders de-listed so they would no longer have to register.

Now I'm no fan of sex registration lists because I feel they give most people a false sense of security because they incorrectly feel that by preventing people who are on the list from living in certain places that those places are safe.  That said, if we know someone is a sexual criminal we should keep an eye on them.

What on earth would make Rep Brown think we should just turn our backs on sexual predators?  The fact her son is one.

Rep Brown's son went on line and entered a graphic sexual conversation with what he thought was a virgin 14 year old girl.  Her son, who was a grown adult of 20, persuaded to meet this young woman for the purpose of sex.  When he arrived on the scene he was meet by police officer who arrested him.

I'd like to share a couple quotes about this story from the Telegraph:

"He didn't meet anyone," Brown said. "He got there, turned around and left so fast. . . . He went to the meeting, then said, 'I'm just leaving,' and that's what our state calls a criminal."

What Rep Brown fails to understand here is that he didn't meet anyone because there was no one to meet.  It was a sting set up by the police to catch perverts like her son who would otherwise have molested a child.

Brown said her son has graduated college with a degree in finance but cannot get a job. Brown said she has talked to other people on the registry who have had consensual sex with a person who lied about their age. She knows of young men who were caught in stings or lied to, she said, who "cannot speak for themselves and have no advocates."

Now here's an interesting statement, she likens what her son did in attempting to molest a 14 year old virgin little girl to someone who meet a woman who looked mature and lied about their age.  I'm sorry but there is a world of difference between the two.  If you go to a college party for instance you can reasonably assume that the women you meet are 18 or older.  If you go online and talk to a girl who says she's 14 and you continue the discussion, you are knowingly pursuing someone underage.

Rep Brown is putting criminals before children.  She's saying its ok for adults to seek after 14 year olds for sex and if they get caught in a sting they should be able to cover up the fact they did what they did.  She is proving the allegation against Democrats when they allowed children to cover up their sexual encounters without abortions without parental knowledge as being nothing more then attempts to cover up molestation is well founded.