Right to Health Care Part I

I continue to hear the opposing tell me that I have a right to health care.  Now I've read the bill of rights a couple times and I don't recall seeing it listed anywhere but they tell me I have it.  This got me thinking, what other rights do I have that I don't know about? I know I have the right to freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, I have the right to keep and bear arms and I have the right to a trial by jury.  But what other rights do I have along with health care that aren't listed?

For starters, in order for me and others to make informed choices in the voting booth we need access to the information about the candidates.  So clearly I have a right to such things as TV and internet.  Based on this it would only make sense then for the government to provide me with a large plasma TV and a high powered laptop computer and since it's a right they need to cover my cable bill and internet bill as well.  Oh and since there are political shows like "Real Time" on HBO they need to provide access to every channel, don't want to miss anything.

Then clearly we have a right to public transportation, after all if I can't get around I can't work.  Oh and I live all the way out in the boonies so there are no buses or trains that reach me.  Clearly the government will have to send a car out when I need a ride, but hey it's a right after all.

Last but not least, I have a right to work.  If I can't get a job I can't support my family so clearly we should all have the right to work.  And being that it's a right then shouldn't it be the duty of the government to make sure we each have the ability to use our rights?  If someone refuses to hire me they would be denying me my right to work.  Therefore the government should assign workers to each job rather then allowing companies to discriminate.  After all once someone tells them they are lazy, often show up late and tends to sleep at their desk employers refuse to hire them.  They are denied their right to work.

I'm of course being sarcastic here although there are politicians who have argued in favor of a computer in every home or a "right" to transportation or even having the government assign jobs.  When we begin down these different paths where do we draw the line?  If anything that could be viewed as beneficial is defined as a right then we does it all end?  The right to own a home, the right to own a car, the right to have 3 square meals put on the table every day?  If I no only have to worry about feeding my family, putting cloths on their back, giving them a warm safe home and caring for them on a daily basis then why bother even working?  I work hard ever day because I want to provide these things and I need to provide these things but if all I have to do is call them a right and have the government provide them to me then where is my motivation to work?  This is why socialism fails every single place it has been tried.  The motivation has been removed.  The need to provide for yourself and your family has been removed.  And when those at the top who achieve by starting new businesses or inventing new products see the efforts of their hard work taken from them to provide for those who aren't working then were is their motivation to continue?

Our rights are well defined and our rights end where the next persons rights begin and that includes services that the next person performs for us.  We do not have a right to their labors regardless of who they are.

In part II I plan on diving deeper into what side effects come with expanding our rights to include health care.