Right to Health Care Part II

Health Care is now being viewed as a "right" what next?

For starters a lot of our health has to do with how we care for ourselves such as how we eat, how much excersize we get and so on.  People who eat poorly and are over weight tend to have more health problems.  Since I'm expected to pay for their health care then the first thing I will demand is that they are required to be in shape.  If your over weight then you need to get your butt on a treadmill an hour a day and no more McDonalds for you.  Perhaps we should regulate their meals.  And since the Democrats see single payer as a positive thing since it will save money, forcing people to eat and be healthy will be an even bigger plus right?

And while we're at it certain activities tend to be riskier then others so since I'm paying your bill I'm going to ask you not to partake in them.  Football for instance has a lot of risk of injury, can't have that any more since it will increase my costs.  Mountain climbing is another big no no.  In fact let's just say no to all sports.  Other risky behaviors need to be stopped as well.  Sex with multiple partners tends to lead to higher risk of spreading STDs so that will need to stop.  Smoking is definilty out.

Once we are all living healthy and eliminated unnessisary risk in our lives what's next?  Well there's the matter of public record.  Since I'm paying your health bill that is public money and thus anything that money is spent on down to the penny should be public knowledge and auditable by the public.  That means 100% of your medical records and you're children's records will need to become public record.  Hope you don't have any nasty rashes you wouldn't want me reading about.  Look at the bright side though questions such as we see with Obama's birth certificate will no longer come up since we will have 100% access to such records.  And this will lead to less over all risk as well when picking a partner because you'll be able to look up their records sort of like a car fax report and see if they've had a history of STDs or have any family medical problems that would be passed down should you fall in love and have kids.

Does this all sound over the top?  It shouldn't it's already happening.  We see smoking being taxes and baned all around the country, we see unhealthy foods such as trans fat being banned.  Once we open the door to Government Health Care we open the door to government control over our lives.  I for one do not want that.