Mobs Equal Media Bias

As I continue to hear coverage about "angry mobs" protesting Obama you would almost think that anyone right of center who dare disagree with the president are a bunch of out of control savages and that the Democrats are the civilized calm cool and collected party.

When I think back to just a few months ago while Bush was in office and we continued to hear news about protesters objecting to his actions, how drastically different it was covered.

The stories of protesters disrupting Bush was not covered from the angle of their being "angry mobs" but instead covered them as valid protesters with points to be made.  "Protesters", no mention anger or being angry.

When Bush was protested, those doing the protesting were described in some cases such as HERE, as being ready to "great the president".  No mention of anger or hostility.

Even when the protests turned violent and police became involved, the media found ways to spin it against Bush such as in the headline to the story found HERE:

Police rebuff Bush protesters

Hatfield: 'I have a right to freedom of assembly, too'

Keep this in mind when you continue to hear stories about "angry mobs" and "angry tea protesters" or even "anti American protesters" objecting to Obama's actions and ask yourself is the media being fair to this story?

"I'm sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and disagree with this administration, somehow you're not patriotic. We need to stand up and say we're Americans, and we have the right to debate and disagree with any administration." - Hillary Clinton