Carol's Bogus Town Meetings Exposed

I already wrote about Carol's town hall meeting farce but now a video has surfaced showing evidence of some of the claims I had heard at the event.

The claims were that Carol had her supporters taken in through a back door to fill seats before she allowed any of the unwashed public in and that these "supporters" were in fact bused in union thugs who would shout down any opposing voices.  This assured her a room with the majority of people supporting her who also put negative pressure on anyone who thought to speak out so she could then claim to the press that people were on her side.

At one minute into the video you can see Democratic Party Executive Director Mike Brunelle motion to the union thugs who until then had been gathering in a park just a block away. At 2 minutes in you can see the prepared signs left outside the building by the group taken in through the side entrance.

The video goes on to include coverage of the Portsmouth meeting she held as well.  Now look really closely at the people in line you'll see some of the same faces.  There is a larger young man holding a sign at Portsmouth I quickly identified as the young man who got in my face at the Manchester event.

At 2:40 into the video they show evidence that those there to "support" Carol were in fact not even from NH.  Israel Pierre from the SEIU local 509 in Massachusetts is seen waiting in line and assisting several others waiting with him with their signs.  Now why would someone from MA be interested in a town hall meeting with a NH representative?

The prepared tables with signs given to the Health Union employees are visible at both events.  Don't be fooled, there was no grassroots support for Carol.  It was all prepared and pre planed.  The only grassroots support you see are those there who opposed her.

The other irony in the video are the union thugs shown at 1:30 into the video dressed in black hooded costumes which one woman described to me as reminding her of KKK outfits.  They stand there with a megaphone shouting down any who dare oppose them while holding signs saying "Stop Republican Scare Tactics".  I'm sorry but they were the ones with the megaphone shouting people down.  They were the ones with the union thugs making sure average citizens could not get access to speak with their state rep.  They were the ones there with an army of bused in drones with pre made signs who didn't even know which way to hold the signs much less know what the real issues were.  They were the ones who got in my face and shouted me down because they heard me discussing an opposing view.  There were scare tactics and those in the hoods were the ones using them.