Democrats did not learn from Bush's mistakes

Bush was a screw up and was one of the worst things that have happened to the Republican party in my life time.  Bush made a lot of mistakes and it cost the Republican party as a whole because the party backed him as he made the mistakes.

Now Obama is charging forward and he and Democrats are making the same mistake Bush and the Republican party did.

For starters they assume that they won elections by having people vote for them rather then againt the other guy.  Bush narrowly won in 2000.  It was only because of 9/11 and the historic fact that Democrats are weak on national defense that Republicans came out strong in upcoming elections.  But the Republican party squandered a good thing.  They proceeded with the Iraq war even though all justification for the war went out the window.

Despite protests and anger from the public Bush and company marched on refusing to compromise.  The protesters of the war were dismissed as people who never supported Bush in the first place and brushed aside.  Those upset about the Constitutional violation of warrentless wiretaps were ignored or written off as extremists.

In 2006 Bush and Republicans received their first major blow losing control of both houses.  But Bush continued on unchanged in his ways.  Democrats in the house and senate began spending like mad and Bush did nothing to stop them.  Then in 2008 the Republican party crashed and burned.  Obama took the house and the Democrats continued to control the house and senate.

Now Democrats are making the same mistakes.  State Rep Jim Splaine is a perfect example of this.

Most of those attending the DC rally were Obama opponents in the last election. Remember, more voted FOR him than against him. And will do so again.

Sounds very similar of what Republicans said about the war protesters.

The fact is many people who voted for Obama had no idea who or what they were voting for.  The were simply voting against Bush.

Polls of Obama supporters show most did not even know in 2008 that Democrats were already in control of the house and senate

These people were against Republicans because they thought Republicans were in control.

Now look at how Democrats are trying to marginalize this past weekends tax protest in DC.  They attempt to downplay how many people were there.  They use one incorrectly posted graphic (which I strongly suspect was submitted by the left) as an attempt to raise question to all other images of the event.  They write off those protesting as people who would never support Obama in the first place.  They call them names like racist in an attempt to discredit them or take focus away from the message.

Democrats are going down the same hole that cost Republicans the last two election cycles.  My hope is that this time around Republicans after taking advantage of the mistake the Democrats are making don't fool themselves into believing people voted for them and continue to spiral of the same mistake.