Young Democrats Waking Up

A lot of today's Republicans started off as yesterday's Democrats.  There comes a point in each of our lives where we grow up and start seeing the world through grown up eyes.

In my life that wake up came just after the 2000 elections.  Prior to that I had voted for Bill Clinton (once) and I voted for Gore due to one single issue (subject of a different article).  After Bush I began seeing things I hadn't seen before.  I saw a different side of the Democratic party, an evil side.  They wouldn't let the 2000 election drop for starters.  This made me look closer at politics and as I looked closer I started to find Democrats weren't all they measured up to be.

Now today's young Democrats are going through the same realizations.

Young Democrats saw the nation under Clinton balance the budget and at least pay down some of the interest of the national debt.  They saw the debt grow under Bush.

Most young people look at the president and give him credit or blame for the debt but now many of the younger people are growing up, they like I did are looking closer at things and realize that it was the Republican controlled congress under Clinton that put together the budgets and it was the Democrats under Bush in his last 2 years was when the debt sky rocketed.

It's Obama who's causing them to start to look closer.

Democrats have railed Bush for his spending and continue to do so but now the wind went out of that sale since there is a Democrat president with a Democrat House and Senate increasing the debt in just month far more then was ever increased under Bush.

Democrats railed against Bush for the Patriot act claiming it was a violation of rights and anti-Constitutional.  Now again with a full Democrat slate, Obama is seeking not to abolish it but to expand it.

Cindy Sheehan is showing there is no difference between Obama and Bush when it comes to the wars the left claimed to be against when the Republican was in office.

Today's young Democrats are seeing this and are waking up.  Some Democrats dismiss those opposing Obama as having never supported him in the first place but I disagree, I think many of those who are the most upset are those who did support him only to find he wasn't what he claimed to be.  Go to some of the local rallies.  Speak with those joining up with groups like the Free State Project.  Many of them are not life long republicans but people who have identified with the Democratic party for years and are finally waking up.  And the more the left bushes off all those who dare question them as racists (like the boy who cried wolf) the more you will see these younger people get more and more upset with the party they thought was the party of lower national debt, who would end the war, who would eliminate the patriot act, etc etc etc.