The 420 on Keene Protests

From today's Telegraph:

A growing number of marijuana smokers have been gathering daily in Keene's Central Square to protest drug laws as city councilors grapple with a resolution that would decriminalize small amounts of marijuana.

The New Hampshire Union-Leader reports about 75 people gathered in the square at 4:20 p.m. Thursday, more than on previous days.


Keene City Councilors next week plan to vote on forumulating a resolution in support of the use of medical marijuana and decriminalizing small amounts of the drug, measures that state lawmakers rejected. The resolution was suggested by a retired Keene police officer.

Hats off to this group of brave protesters and to the officer who was willing to step up and make this recommendation.  My hope is that Keene City Councilors support this effort and vote in the resolution.  Perhaps this will be the kick in the pants needed to show our state reps that the world will not end if we allow someone to smoke a joint or if we allow those who are in need use marijuana to help with medical problems.

For those on the fence about supporting legalization, here is a list of 10 reasons to support it.

1) It's a victimless crime.

2) Marijuana can be used for medical purposes and can help the sick.

3) Growing marijuana will create jobs which are desperately needed in our countries current economic situation.

4) Marijuana if sold legally can be a new taxable product and bring in new revenue to the government.

5) By allowing it to be sold legally it will also make it a safer product as people will no longer need to worry about it being laced with other drugs.

6) Allowing it to be sold legally takes money away from criminals.  Right now murderous mobs and ganges use drugs as major revenue sources, we have the power to take that away from them.

7) By legalizing it and eliminating victimless drug crimes we will be able to cut back on government spending as the billions spend on special drug units would no longer be needed and the thousands of people imprisoned for drug related crimes will be able to go back out into society and be productive rather then continue to be drains on our tax dollars.

8) Hemp can be used in numerous other products.

9) A well regulated market would help reduce the usage by children and teens.  Drug dealers do not card who they sell to.

10) Marijuana is safer then alcohol.  No one has ever died from smoking too much pot.