Democrats Talk of a NH Income Tax

While most are focusing on the tail end of summer or of those watching politics focus on Obama's antics NH Democrats are slowly plugging along behind the scenes with a plan to implement a state wide income tax.

Reported in the Union Leader:

Speaker of the House Terie Norelli let a little secret slip last week.

She mentioned a legislative economic summit that's still in the planning stages when she met with the Portsmouth Herald's editorial board.

Rep. Susan Almy, heading up the summit work, said she was trying to keep quiet her plans for the joint House-Senate summit this fall.

When the Herald mentioned that all forms of revenue, including an income tax, would be part of the discussion, alarms went off all over the conservative landscape. Almy said she expected that reaction, which is why she was working behind the scenes up until now.

In other words the Democrats in Concord are looking for new ways to tax you and they are planning this in secret because they know it will upset you the voters.

Here's an idea for Rep Norelli, rather then secretly looking for more walks to milk as much money as possible from the public why not spend the time looking at what can be eliminated from the state's budget and where we can cut back our ever growing government?