Voting Addresses

Once again Blue Hampshire shows it's hypocrisy, this time in an article discussing Mitt Romney who had just sold his Massachusetts home and is looking to relocate to NH.  Being that he is in transition between locations he has been living with his son and used his sons address to vote.

Being that Democrats here in NH push law after law allowing people to register from hotel rooms, college dorms and other various locations you would think they would have no problem with Mitt's vote, but yet this morning on Blue Hampshire they wrote the following:

Isn't that nice?  He has a home here in Wolfeboro, and in other states, but because he has relatives in Massachusetts, he can vote there too.

(Insert winger conspiracy theory snark here about socialists bussed up north by the cartload to vote illegally in our presidential primary.)

I'm surprised this story has received so little traction.  Aren't there, um, laws against voting in a state in which you are not a resident?

College students who use their parents address for legal residency for car insurance, health insurance, college loans etc etc etc who register and vote in the town they are going to school in is not a problem but when a high level Republican does it they question whether it's legal or not.  The real irony is that it was illegal here in NH until Democrats weaken the laws.

If you want a laugh read the Democrats defending this same behavior in Ed Naile's articles found HERE or HERE.  Its all good when they doing it but they want prosecution when Republicans do it. 

Not only do democrats defend this behavior when it helps them, they even pass laws that would make it illegal for questioning it.  Is Blue Hampshire attempting to suppress Mitt's vote?  By their own laws that would make what they are doing a class B felony if they attempt it here in NH.